What is causing all my games to run slow?

So I made a similar post but I wanted to redefine it so here we go.


In almost ALL of my games my CPU will be pinned at 80c-85c and at about 20-40% load and my GPU will never go over 50% load, and that's making all my games run at less than 60fps...

Now somebody told me that it's overheating (and yes the non-stock cooler is seated correctly) and to RMA it but it's kind of hard to prove.


If you need any more info just ask.

What cpu is it?  voltage settings? mobo? OC (if any), cooler type, etc

sounds like it is throttling the shit out of itself.  

Yeah it's really weird..


z97 pro (asus)

some silverstone cooler that's like a stock cooler but quieter and cooler.

and i have no OC, not even XMP haha.

Perhaps a BIOS Flash will help?(LINK to Z97 PRO BIOS ver. 1304 ) It will cost money but grab a G3258 (cheapest overclock able CPU), or perhaps you could borrow a CPU from someone and see if the some problem occurs. Maybe even contacting Intel's RMA and see if they can send you a temporary CPU.

what games and what gpu?




Tomb Raider etc.

Well i do happen to have one on the way for my HTPC but also for times like these, I'll try the BIOS update after a few other things unless people have proved that 4790Ks and Z97 pros are bad with the first BIOS.

yeah i have no idea

is adaptive vsync turned on by chance?

It's set to "use 3D source"

might try turning it and regular vsync off i dont really have those games besides tomb raider which works fine with my 4790k and r9 290


Well if I turn Vsync off it goes up to 80/90fps in BF3 I know that but it should be at more like 150fps, and it should also never drop bellow 60.

On what do you base those 150fps as a number?

Which resolution are you playing?

Max/Average for my 780Ti/4690K combo running on a 1080p screen, possibly more like 125fps but i'm not sure, I just for sure that something is wrong because my GPU is just twiddling it's thumbs when it should at at least an 80% or so load and the CPU is at approximately the right load but too hot, but not Tjunction throttling hot if you know what I mean?

okay 1080p.

then 80/90 fps is indeed on the low side.  it should be arround 110fps min and 130 fps max / average.


Yeah well if your gpu is on 80% load, then there is a bottleneck, most likely the cpu or drivers.

i will search for more benchmarks. But if your gpu is on 80% load, and you have the newest drivers, then there is most likely something with the cpu part. if its running hot then it might throttle.

Can you do a cinebench R15 render test for me?

only cpu.

The 80% load part was what I was expecting it to be at, but instead it usually sit at around 50%.

Ok so I just tested bf3 again with Vsync off and it did get up to 100% GPU usage and I got 150+ fps, although my power surge/multi-box did make a 'click' noise right as the game crashed with a driver error.. I did try it again though and it lasted more than 30 seconds this time, and hasn't crashed yet.

Missing one problem which needs to be sorted before looking at the gpu. The CPU should not be hitting the temps it is. Esp with a non reference cooler. My 4770k only sees 85C+ on a 4.9GHz clock and the 3790k which is a better CPU should not be seeing 85+ at stock clock. i still maintain something wrong with the CPU. Wether its a dislodged heat spreader or a bad chip or just a badly seated heatsink I dont know. As I said in the last thread, I would check to see if you have the same problem on another motherboard and if you do. RMA the CPU.

With aftermarket cooler that has been properly placed with noctua paste

98% gpu load look good to me, but what in the world are you running in the background?

i mean 7,58GB ram ussage? Wenn i play games, i barely come close to 4GB.

Do you have a coin mine trojan or spyware on your system or what?