What is bitcoin mining?

I tried searching this and couldnt pull up anything that seemed clear so i thought id ask you guys. What is bitcoin mining? and why in logans video did he use so many graphics cards for bitcoin mining? t=Thanks for any help

your graphics card uses a magical program to solve a very large math problem and ninjas pay you in robot money


that answer will make a lot more sense than if I explained it, really, unless Ztrain wants to chime in


Make your computer do stuff (nobody really knows what it's doing) > generate bitcoins (BTC) > sell bitcoins > make profit.

gigabuster answered it better than me.

thanks you two :)


Now I feel really dumb ... -_- I still don´t get what this is. I was wondering the same when Logan mentioned this in his latest video. I will do some research.

If you find it hard to understand bitcoin mining, maybe this bitcoin infographic will help you from bitcoindaily.com.

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