What is better?

Hey Everyone this is my first post and was wondering about getting feedback on a question that I have.

So I have built a PC so that when my friends come over they have something to play on besides the XBOX 360 and we can also play together on LAN.

I did an APU build because the price for the performance is amazing!! But anyway, I have an AMD A6-5400k and 1333mhz ram I know the ram is horrible thats why im asking this question. So I have the choice between 2133mhz ram and 1866 mhz ram. I just wanted to know how much of a difference the 1866mhz ram would be from the 2133mhz ram while gaming. 


Thanks in advance,

Kyle H.

What motherboard are you using? I believe that APU only supports a max speed of 1866Mhz without an overclock and your motherboard may have limitations as well. 

With an APU faster is always better. Going from 1600 to 2133Mhz can bring changes anywhere from 15-25FPS. So I'd expect the 2133MHz RAM to give you about 5-10FPS over the 1866Mhz RAM. 

How gaming improves with faster RAM

I have a GIGABYTE F2A55M-HD and it supports 2133mhz ram and you can overclock it to get 2400mhz so it will work and also I ordered 8gbs of 2133mhz ram like 5 min ago and thanks for the help.


There are benchmarks that test this.