What is better

dont know which is beter for gaming 






ty for the help sorry if you think I a nowb

7950> 7870 XT

What if you were to CrossFire two HD 7870 XT's wouldnt it beat the 7950 by miles? Because for nearly the same money you can pick up two 7870 XT's that you would get a decent 7970??

Oops I just seen you guys are reffering to a 7950, my apoligiez.. Well anyways say you compare two CrossFire 7870 XT to a solid 7950 GHZ Edition.. What would come out on top?

7950's will come out on top vs 7870's...

7870 XT is just under the price of a 7950 GHZ ed...

Crossfire and SLI are supported by very few games so it wouldn't do much, 7970 or a 7950 would be a better choice.

Go for the 7950.

The 7870XT might seem faster but the 3Gb memory will be needed if you gonna do beyond 1080p gaming.

And with a little over voltaging the 7950 and OCing it can be fast as the 7970 or even faster.

If you don't like OCing and don't gonna use res above 1080p then go for the 7870XT

The Radeon 7870 XT is basically a Radeon 7930, it just happens to perform better in certain cases than the Radeon 7950. Which is surprising. So if you can afford to buy two of them for the price of one 7950, then most certainly you should go for it, just know that the effects of Crossfire are sometimes unpredictable in the amount of scaling that you get. In some games you may actually perform worse than if you had just used a single card. It all depends on game engine optimization. And a goodly deal of benchmarks don't really care for crossfire either.

I think  I am going to be going go with 7870XT

ty for the input

Whats a good 7970 card you guys would recommend? Which is better out of the Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 3GB Video Card or Gigabyte Radeon HD7970? Or perhaps something else in that price range?

Sapphire and XFX are the best, perferably XFX since they have lifetime warranties, some of the best cooling solutions, and the nicest looking cards.

The Gigabyte will be the Coolest and Quietest of the two, the Windforce and the DCUII are the best 2 coolers for 79xx series.

I wouldnt go XFX, they got a rep of being pretty hot and loud, still quality and you get a great warranty though.

Here is a video of my XFX GHOST 7770..... at 1200mhz core and 1550mhz on the memory with no voltage tweaks.


You cannot hear the card at all.