What is Best FPS counter (Bare metal)?


Its been long time since i came to this forums <3

I got a question that came to my mind , what is the best FPS counter or lets say bare metal , without overheads or as early as possible in the pipeline

I got this picture from the net so i can understand how the order of things work :

so it is like

  1. Game Engine

  2. Api (DX12, open GL, vulkan) all the same position right?

  3. Gpu Drivers

  4. Render completed sent to Display

  5. Displayed frame
    (display finished processing etc… and all the input lag bla bla so the frame is displayed )

something like that right?


A -
So I heard that Fraps measure fps or show the fps on driver level
( dont know where i got that info from, something like after drivers finish)
But I dont think it is true , is it?

Anyway i heard it doesn’t work with dx12 stuff.
so not a great choice for me.

B -
then the most common I see these days is
Msi afterburner + Riva tuner combo.
so where does that sit in the pipeline ? is it after rendering complete before display ?

C -
Nvidia frame viewer
This picture confuses me it measures it 3 times
So first one ( T_Present) it is on api level ?
2nd time (T_Render) it is after Rendering complete so maybe same as [msi + riva] ?

**D - **
the ingame Fps counters work as built in the game game engine so maybe they are the earliest ? but maybe not always because some will have it work differently , will depends on the game engine right?

3rd time it is (T_Display) Same as displays built in overlay FPS counters?

sry for the bad English.

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