What is Auxtin?

Well since i got a new motherboard hwmonitor has been going nuts. I had my 3470 overclocked last night at 3.9ghz and after playing 4 hours of chivalry i went to see Auxtin, Cputin,Tmpin3 and 4 were over 100 degrees celcius. But my cpu was only under 50 degrees celcius. I was so worried i put it back to stock clocks and now it says its still at 100+ degrees. And im only browsing the internet. If anyone could inform me what this tmpin and auxtin is it would be helpful.  Here a screenshot of this crap. Scaring the shit out of me seriously.

Auxtin is probably an extra header for a temperature sensor (AUXilary Temperature INput). Sensors sometimes do weird shit... But it might be a driver issue... Did you reinstall after the new mobo? Did you install drivers?