What is an acceptable temperature and what's the limit?

Hi everybody on the forums, I just finished building my brand new computer and I'm so affraid and protective that I don't even dare pushing my rig to it's true potential if I see that either my fx-8350 or my  asus dcu2 7850 runs over 70c. For instance: I kept farcry3 at default high instead of uber-hyper-mega-ultra-to-the-max. I hope some of you will understand, it's like my baby, I don't want to break the poor thing.

Also, I would like if someone knows a free software to moniter components temperature in game via overlay, just like fraps does with frames per seconds.

Much love.


Well.. "Technically" AMD has stated that the CPU should never be above 61C.. But I dont mind until it hits 70, after that, you can cause degradation of the life of your CPU, really.

Also, Temprature sensors on AMD boards arent very reliable. Like. At all.

msi afterburner has an osd option in the monitoring section.


70 to 80 degrees in most video cards is acceptable (if it's a power hog). Compare it with others's builds and see if yours is worse, then worry. There's a negligable difference in load temperature between high settings which loads up memory and gpu a lot and ultra, only that the filtering work and pixel fill rate is demanded more.

Please note that my comment was purely for AMD CPUs. not GPUs. Whoops. 

generally it's around 65-cpu core, 72-cpu socket, 70-gpu for safe/longlasting/ shouldn't compromise life

absolute limit is around 100 on both

dont really need to bother too much until it goes above 75 to 80 degrees.

and in all probablity, you'll get a new system before your CPU dies. in fact, other components in your system (like the ram and hard drive/SSD) will die before your CPU. 

CPU will crash or throw errors before it hits 85 degrees on the CPU socket with the FX-8350. Just pointing that out.

I push GPUs until they blow, or they throttle. CPUs, I  keep lower, but I have no problem with seeing 90+ C on my GPUs under full load.