What is a QEYK ES processor?

I was looking on ebay.

These two look very similar, but this one says QEYK in the product name and has an actual picture.

Any ideas?

I'd like to get one of the first two because they're cheaper. They have positive feedback, but the lack of an actual picture is pretty sketchy.

Does anyone know what QEYK means? Is it significant to me? (I plan on putting one in a asrock x99 extreme 4 or 6 mobo.

es=engineering sample which are cpus handed out to various people before release so that motherboards and such can be made. they are sometime different then the final product and sometimes have bugs or errors. sometimes they are even overclockable.

no idea about the qeyk thing

QEYK is just the Qspec Number, one of Intel's ways of identifying chips (i.e. different revisions of the same CPU will have different numbers).

ES means that is an engineering sample. According to Intel this means they are

pre-production processors loaned to Intel's Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs), and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to be used in the product design cycle prior to product launch.

Also note,

These processors often include additional features that production processors do not include for customer pre-production evaluation and test purposes. The following conditions apply to Intel ES Processors:

Intel ES Processors are the sole property of Intel.
Intel ES Processors are Intel Confidential.
Intel ES Processors are provided by Intel under nondisclosure and/or special loan agreement terms with restrictions on the recipient's handling and use.
Intel ES Processors are not for sale or re-sale.
Intel ES Processors may not have passed commercial regulatory requirements.
ES Processors are not covered under Intel warranty and are generally not supported by Intel

Read more here: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/processors/000005719.html

TL;DR, engineering sample chips may or may not be reliable and could possibly be considered stolen property.

If you want tons of performance for cheap, look at the older E5 2670s. They are 8 core parts and go for 50-70,- Dollar on ebay. And those are not ES.

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I've not actually head of anyone getting a duff myself but they do usually at the very least run at several speed bins below the final production CPU. Obviously try to buy from a seller with good feedback on selling them and at the least check your motherboard of choice supports the full production CPU model. I did that for a Gaming 5P X99 board so the E5 2670 v3 ES XEON CPU works perfectly though not particularly quickly :)

Sips power though on the positive side.


Is the difference between 2.2 and 3 ghz worlds of difference with haswell-e?

No matter what I upgrade to I think it will be faster, as currently I'm on an Anthlon x3 450.

Did it keep up with many games?

Will I need a aio liquid cooler or will a hyper 212 evo be sufficient enough to be quiet?

The Hyper 212 would be more than sufficient as they are very power efficient and you would be very lucky to find a Xeon that OC'd by more than just a couple hundred MHz.

I posted on another thread but to test the XEON I bought I stuck it in place of my 5820K briefly and played Mad Max @ 3440x1440 and with a 980 Ti it hardly made any difference to the fps so in non-CPU bound games it would be fine. They usually do turbo up to 2.4-2.6 on a couple of cores but I wouldn't rely on it if gaming was a high priority. The more typical 4 core K series CPUs would be a better choice.

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Do you happen to know if VT-d is working on your Xeon?

On the 2670s you wanna buy the revision C2 to be safe in that regard.

E5-2670-v3? I only see M0/M1 steppings.

Am I looking in the right place?

No, not v3. You could call it E5 2670 v1 but it is just E5 2670. They had issues with the VT-d on the first two revisions (C0 and C1). With C2 chips everything works fine.

hey, yes they are at a great price but if your MB takes v3 unfortunately thats not an option. there are a lot of ES with the E5 2670 v3 but if i were to stay clear from ES what other choices would i have that are a bang for you buck?

If you're not buying an ES it gets expensive quick when talking about 2011-3. This is what keeps me from doing it myself. Really though what will you be using it for? I had to ask myself that.

I thought about a sick gaming rig with 24 threads would be awesome, but most games are not going to take advantage of all those cores. So in all reality you'll get better gaming performance out of an i7 clocked to the moon.

Then I thought about a personal server application, but these are far from power efficient unless you look at the e5 2630L V3. Those look pretty nice, but have a seriously low clock speed.

Your best bet is to ditch the idea of using v3/v4. Which means you cant use that x99 board. You can find boards that will work with the v1/v2 socket on ebay for relatively cheap.

this thing is ive already decided on an asus z10ped8 ws MB. so i need a v3 or v4 cpu. i need power for cad modeling and yes, gaming too. looking for something that can handle heavy 3d files and give me decent rendering time first, and also give me enough for gaming. Ive looking at ebay and there are a few good choices like the 2683 or 2686 or 2670 v3. have to decide.

What cad software? I do AutoCAD for a living, its in no way CPU bound. Revit is even less CPU bound. I use an i5 6600 in my cad machine, it does great. The key is I have a Quadro M4000. It does the heavy lifting.

If you're dead set on gaming with it you should really aim for as high of a clock speed as you can afford. So based on the 3 you listed, the 2670 is probably going to do best gaming wise.

I use alias studio tools, vred, and maya. mostly for automotive design. Lot of cad data to process and also to render. Not dead set on gamimg. first comes modeling and rendering. the E5 2670 v3 sounds like thats what i should lean towards. any thoughts?

Less cores and more MHz for gaming so a 4 core Xeon with 3.0GHz would probably suit a dual role better.