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What is a proper way to connect a LSI 9400 and a Silverstone SDP12 Device Bay


First off, Raid Controllers and a lot of enterprise gear are, for myself, new toys to tinker with. Secondly, LSI 9400 is probably overkill for Freenas and the current equipment. Lastly, how do i get NVME drives connected via an Silverstone SDP12 and connected with a LSI LSI00404 to work properly?

Whats the best way for these to connect?

LSI 9400:[](http://LSI 9400)
Samsung 970 Pro

So many FreeNas Videos but there isn’t much info on LSI 9400. Please advise.

Also, the LSI 9400 is flashed to Mixed Mode for now.


I have a feeling but am no expert but that HBA probably does not hook up to consumer grade nvme. There are probably enterpise grade nvme drives with a sas connector or some special breakout cable that it uses to connect to.


The Silverstone item only supports one nvme drive


From what I gather I need a special Cable and a different enclosure(?).
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LSI LSI00412 0.6 (NewEgg)