What is a nano router for?

what are these nano router / portable router i’m seeing pop up here and there for?

like this: https://flash.newegg.com/Product/9SIAFN282K7021?icid=WP_33_07032019

saw some at work today.

There acutally useful for a lot of things when you need connectivity on the go. they can be used to connect to external networks using either Ethernet, Wifi or Mobile with a usb dongle and break out that connection to all the devices behind it or even as just a normal access point on a network. I found mine useful when my internet went out and my brother which has no WiFi on his computer used it to connect to his Android Phone AP and to his computer with Ethernet as windows 10 wouldn’t allow a direct connection to his phone.


so you can join it to wifi and provide a connection to an Ethernet only device then?

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yes or even break out that ethernet connection to a switch and have as many devices as you want.

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well i’ll def pick up a few these, now i don’t have to caijjger wifi for my retro gaming laptops/pcwith win 98 anymore, just good old ethernet. THAT is handy for all sorts of things!

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