What is a good way to manage a bitcoin wallet?

Long ago someone gave me a wallet free with 2 bitcoin. I backed it up on a hard drive and proceeded to lose the hard drive in all my shit because I didn't really care that much. NOW THOUGH when BTC skyrockets to like 1700 every 2 or 3 weeks I care quite a bit. Especially since if I got that bitcoin back I could do all my hardware needs for free, basically.

So, now, I can trade things FOR bitcoin, like with skins.cash and stuff. I can take item donations on my stream, trade it all in for BTC, and have that as my donation system and people help me out and just throw shitty skins away, which I think is pretty cool. But, if I do that, I don't know what a good way to store any of that shit is anymore. Is there a good way?

I have a spare android phone, can I use that as an offline wallet? What is a good wallet to use?

either use an online one like this one

which is similar to having an online bank account in most respects

a junky computer/tablet/phone that is going to be kept safe and if it breaks, can easily get the data off of
i would say probably a cheap laptop just because hard drives are much easier to pull data from than if say a phone breaks, the flash storage on those is a pain unless it's an SD card in which case meh

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+1 for coinbase

coinbase is a good wallet, however bear in mind they are an exchange, and however unlikely it may seem all it would take is one more mt. gox experience for you to lose everything.
Personally I use Electrum. Solid, stable, does what i need it to. Just backup your wallet/seed once a week or so and save it on an external drive/flash drive/google drive/whatever you feel like, i personally keep a weekly copy on my phone, nas, flash drive, and secondary hard drive when I'm dealing with a lot of bitcoin, although now I'm mostly in ETH.
If you want a offline wallet then you could look into paper wallets or cold storage as well. I'd recommend some but BTC really isn't my forte, I'm more of an altcoin guy

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