What is a good video editing program?

I know some of you guys make videos and I was wondering what program you would suggest to use. Im gonna try to make a few videos myself.

sony vegas / vegas movie studio. they both have trials for 30 days.

Vegas + After Effects = best combination evar

I use Vegas. Premire Pro CS3 is just eck at the interface. And for audio editing, I just dl more shits of audio editors

Good thing I need to learn before getting my hands on a camera.

Thanks guys. Ill try this stuff out.

Sony Vegas 8 or 9, you just gotta get used to it. I just finished editing a video and its now rendering using Vegas 8

I use Premiere Pro CS4, or Cinelera. (when I worked in video production, it was "Media 100 I" and "Final Cut Pro")

I have used Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 at school and Sony Vegas at home, Sony Vegas does not support some of the video codecs I encode my videos in from my cam if I remember correctly, so I used Windows Movie maker for a while, now-a-days I use CS4 with after effects, makes a pro combo.

I've been looking into installing Linux just for Cinelera, since there are basically no open source video editors for Windows.

yeah the open source ones that are out have lost support. I've heard some good stuff about cinerela, too. adobe after effects is super awesome, but i don't like premiere, or the interface.

Adobe premiere CS3