What is a good self contained liquid cooler for a moderate gaming pc?

I'm a beginner in building PCs and this'll be my first build. I'm starting off with building a PC that is good for both gaming and regular day to day things. Ill be playing games like simcity and minecraft, not really graphic games. To start of. I want to find a self contained liquid coolers. What would be a good one for moderate gaming and day to thing things? 


Is there any particular reason you want a CLC? Just asking, seeing as they are pretty overpriced for the performance you are getting.

Regardless, budget, please :)

how much do the average in cost? 

Average 120mm CLC is about $50 minimum, $75 for the "good" ones. Average 240mm is about $100 minimum. For that price, you can get a much better air cooler, in terms of build quality and performance.

Which one would you recommend for my kind of build? My budget would be under 100$ and I'd like for the computer to be quiet as well.

I wouldn't. I recommend an air cooler, unless you are springing for a custom loop.

What king of rig is this, anyhoo? Specs?

What would you recommend? A CLC or an air cooler? i had done some research and found that a CLC Is less complex than a water cooling kit. 

Air cooler. Price/Performance is better.

Which aircooler should you recommend for my build? 

What about corsairs hydro h series? arent those considered water cooling but without the hassle of installing all the loops and stuff

We don't even know what specs your build has, but if you're looking for the best cooler under $100, then go with this:


Just make sure it'll fit in your case and that it's compatible with your RAM.

There's no point in going with an all-in-one water cooler. That air cooler beats all of them in cooling performance except for the most expensive ones like the Corsair H100i, NZXT Kraken X60, and Swiftech H220.

If it wont fit, then this might be an option.

Alright man thanks, I appreciate it. I'm sorry I didn't have all the specs. This is the beginning of my build. I probably should've started of with buying the motherboard right? If so any recommendations on which one would be best for my build? I appreciate all the help.

Hm. Do you have any of the specs? Or a thread in the "Build A PC" forum?

A CLC is less complex because you can't expand it (except for the case of the H220 from Swiftech). They require less maintenance, but don't perform nearly as well, looks nearly as nice, or offer anywhere near the expandability or pure sex appeal of custom loops.

For $100, you could get a Phanteks PH-TC14PE with two really nice fans, or a Noctua NH-D14 with a third fan, or even just a 212 Evo, that will be more than enough for low levels of OCing, and save you a lot of money compared to wasting it on a CLC that you won't use, and don't need.

Usually you want to figure out what motherboard and CPU you want first, but if you're on a budget and your build is more gaming centric, then sometimes it's better to pick a video card first.