What is a good laptop for emulator gaming

hi im looking to buy a laptop to run some emulator to play some emulator games im looking to running snes,project 64, epxse and also i would like to play stacraft 2 whit desent fps at medium setting my budget is 500 to 600$

This should be relatively easy to do..

Do know that if you try to emulated Dreamcast/ PS2/ Gamecube, you will require a desktop for playbale performance, laptops simply lack the processing power for those.


However, the ones you mentioned should run perfectly fine...


The only one with a decent enough spec that i could find on newegg is this:


This guy is probably your best bet


to bad it not availeble in canada i seem to not be able to find it in newegg.ca or ncix.ca i guest i should search in local store for similar spec laptop