What is a good GPU

what is a good gpu?

i try to look into the material but the information is not enough to know the specs for my upcoming build?

im asking gpu specs its just confusing ya know

Well that's a loaded question, the better question is what is a good cpu in XXX Price range. I can say a 690, but they are ~$900 a pop. 

my cpu is an i7 3770

the gpu is what kills me im like how do i know if its a good gpu
i heard 680 has very good fps in most games lik battle feild 3 and crysis 2

You can use this website to compare GPUs. Just click the drop down boxes and select the GPUs you want to compare:


Also, if you can afford a GTX 680, then I would suggest getting a Radeon HD 7970 instead because you can overclock them to be faster than a GTX 680, and they have more VRAM.

7970 if you have the money. The 680 non-reference (like MSI or XFX or someone like that) should be killer too. 

I wouldn't really recommend a 680 if you want to save money. The 670 has a minimal performance loss but a $100 difference and if you get an adequate cooler, it's easily clocked to 680-like performance.

overclocking gpu mmmm... but how am i going to cool the gpu when i overclock it?

get a GPU with the manufactorers own cooler, something like a MSI TwinFrozr, Gigibyte Windforce or Asus DirectCU2

or go for a custom watercooling loop.. :)

Well the question is very spread out. There are good GPUs in diff. price ranges. If you're budget was like $350-$400, I'd recommend the 7950 with an aftermarket cooler as those things run hot. Then with the cooler, you can overclock it past 680 speeds. For $250 to $300, I'd say the 7950. You can oc them past 670 speeds. $200 to $250, 7870, oc past 660 Ti. $150-$200 either the 660 or 7850. $100-$150 Either 560 Ti or 7770.