What is a Genre you will always listen to?

Hardstyle. Can't get enough.


Power Metal.

And that what Two Steps from Hell is doing.



I watch this way to often:

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Ambient? What genre would you use to describe Radiohead's later albums and Boards of Canada?

Classical music and indie EDM.

Melodic death metal
It's just a phase they said, you'll grow out of it they said!
8 years later


Rock, Metal, Pop (maybe)

Melodic Death Metal ftw! What's your favorite melodeath band

I really dig Early In Flames stuff I'll listen to entire albums such as Whoracle end to end sometimes.

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Yeah I'm just getting into in flames. I've been streaming jester race (awesome album btw) and I'm going to buy it soon. Though I am absolutely addicted to Amon Amarth

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I listen to allot of music.

  • Gypsy music.
  • Hardcore / early rave.
  • Techno.
  • Dutch music.
  • Rock.

Progressive Rock/Metal.

Dubstep and Chillstep.

Classic rock/hard rock/blues rock

Basically rock genres spawned between 60's and 80's

Let's see.

  • Hip-hop/rap (though that may change if it gets any worse than it is now).
  • Metal
  • Rock
  • Electronic (various types)
  • Synthwave
  • Industrial
  • Classical
  • Soundtrack
  • And whatever other weird shit I like.

Ambient doom or other slow tempo metal is my go to.

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Nujazz or chill hop, basically Nujabes.
Trance, soundtrack, techno, or anything chill

Oh and I guess noise / complex Drums

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