What indie game are you addicted to?

Indie games are more popular than ever, but what’s your number one, super addictive choice that you’d recommend to anyone who’d listen?

Currently, I am addicted to Vampire Survirors.

Deceptively simple to get into but can be very interesting when developing strategy.


Looks cool!

Dwarf Fortress.

End of thread. :rofl:


great mix of KSP, Silent Hunter and Asteroids in some post-apocalyptic russian nuclear scenario


Downell and Dead Cells have been my Jams lately. Rougelikes are always fun and nice for quick Gaming breaks.


Dyson Sphere Program for me; there’s something about consuming the resources of an entire galaxy that tickles my fancy.


I’ve really been wanting to go for it. Is it worth it?

Recently, but not currently Descenders and Art of Rally.

Down hill off road mountain biking

And rally.

Since my current addiction is already posted - VAMPIRE SURVIVORS, I will post my last year addiction: LOOP HERO

I absolutely adore that game and lost a few hundred hours to it…


Depending on if you like a resource gathering game without any combat (at the moment, there’s hinting from the devs that they might be planning to put combat in), and just straight up concentrate on building something and ever working to build that ideal efficient logistics setup.

Have to admit that I’m kinda addicted to it, and once lost an entire day just making sure that things just go thaaaaat right…




Recently started another run in this here:

And then saw that Kingdoms & Castles also got an update adding a lot more dynamic to setting up an empire.


I am so on the fence on this one…
You can say I am on the edge of the cliff ready to jump in…
On one side just looking at it makes me want to play it, on the other side there seems to be issues with it, cause it hasn’t exploded like Frostpunk did, so I am kinda wondering should I get it…
ERMEGERD it has a tower defense mode…

It has issues, definitely.
The start is actually pretty fast for a city builder. And then you start to shuffle stuff about, are constantly waiting for supplies, have issues with all drones being busy with stuff you do not really care about right now…
The research-things take time, give huge benefits in return.
Big point of frustration to me are the events where you have to generate profit in Office-Buildings since you will NEVER have enough offices and people to sustain your city and fulfil the target (unless you throw health and happiness under the bus).

Then you unlock on-wall buildings, suddenly space opens up and… out of resources ALL THE TIME! Super frustrating since progress stalls hard!
“Down Cliff” buildings are expensive, very worth the massive investment. Is smooth sailing with minor redistribution of task between your cities from here though.
You also unlock the fun stuff at this point :slight_smile:

Main gripes:

  • Finer Control over Drones is needed
  • Drones clipping through buildings/each other
  • Difficulty balance between events has room for improvement
  • “United Bank” is not actually all that united (yay money problems when you are actually swimming in it!)
  • Meteor/Space Trash impact completely taking out “Down Cliff”-Buildings can actually collapse your entire economy (unless you kinda ignore Energy Capsules, which will cause you other headaches)

That looks nice!

The Long Dark - Cold weather survival game that challenges you to the limits. Spent a lot of time scavenging in the tundra listening for wolves.


I’m not much of a gamer, even less of a platformer guy, and generally don’t really have much I feel the need to praise, but wow, Hollow Knight is just a fucking game.

I’m pretty clumsy at precision movements, but everything from jumping and air movement to most hit boxes just feels right and I’m having a good time. It does a fantastic job of teaching you to get better with the levels themselves

It’s also great at balancing the brutality of an insect world, with humor.

So I’m going to be spending a bit too much time on this for a bit.



Graphics and visuals are amazing. Just the right amount of suspense and horror. Crafting bases. And an interesting storyline/lore you slowly discover.

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