What I'm planning to get on the cheap: FX-8350 rig

Disclaimer: I have been lurking this forum since August (some big things happened for sure in this period of time), and it's the first forum community I found I wanted to contribute (sort of). So a friendly "hi" to all of you.

To the build:
I was looking for some used hardware to throw together for a cheap build for streaming video and some light gaming in our living room. Were I live, getting surplus company equipment is not really worth it, if the hardware is good enough employees take their chance or it is sold in closed auctions. So private add sites is what it is to go to. I found a complete rig I liked and will most probably get tomorrow.
HW-List: (EDIT 2: For sale as complete assembled rig, not components)

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990FX v.2
CPU: AMD FX-8350
CPU-Cooler: Zalman Optima...
EDIT 1: no wait... This is actually a Zalman Performa, quiet old but we will test before swapping that out
RAM: some Kingston HyperX 8GB KIT (two Sticks) 1600mhz KHX1600C9D3
GPU: Radeon R7 260X 2GB, will throw that for an XFX RX480 8GB in near future
PSU: BeQuiet: PurePower 9 700W
Storage: 3*500 WD Blue HDD, 1*ShineDisk SD4SMI-128G-46XT SSD
Case: Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl

Price Point: 450 € (yep European here, continental if you care)
For that price, it's a bargain here, for a complete system. Though I have seen some CPU-MoBo-Ram sets with i7-4790s for 500€, but i would have to get the rest new, and the MoBo's where low-end or just crap (known to let the smokes out).
Prices of hardware a considerably high were I live, so a "cheap" skylake i5 is not really going to happen here.

And again a friendly "hi" to all of you. redundancy where it matters

Is that included with the build?

yeah it is, as I said it's a running system. The guy selling it is running Ubuntu, I'm planning to swap that for gentoo and dual boot win10 (girlfriend has some games that will not do well on linux).
Why are you asking? Do you see any problems?

Thank you for your reply. FIRST :)

Naw then I doubt you'd find anything much better for the money, you could also always downclock the CPU to like 3ghz and be fine and save on power/heat, making for a quieter system

That's what I thought, too. Although I'm eyeballing with a DarkRock Pro 3. I know Zalman did make some decent coolers, the fact that they don't have the heat dissipation listed as a spec concerns me, I'll have to keep an eye on temperatures for sure.

Just compare the Size/Heat pipe count to the Hyper 212 and go from there

Thanks for the advice, I had not looked in the Hyper 212, did not know they are that cheap. Looks like the size compared to the Zalman is the same, but it has 1 more Heatpipe. Both of them have direct heatpipe-heatspreader contact, I'll consider it when temps or noise are to high.

God I love this community, thanks, really!

Arctic Freezer 13 is better for the 8350 than the Hyper 212, and it's about the same price, should be under 25 €?

Congrats on getting the new system, AMD systems with linux is a really good combo!


Ok, I have looked into that as well. Higher fin count, somewhat enclosed airflow, same amount of heatpipes, smaller fan.
What concerns me though is that theres no direct contact. I had an Thermaltake V1 max full copper cooler with a similar base design, and had to re-machine the grooves in the base. How's the build quality on the Arctic Freezer 13? And why is it better in your opinion?

(I'm not trying to be offensive, just have been out of hardware for about 5 years, since my daily driver is a laptop. off topic Though it is some kind of a beast, even now 4 years after I purchased it. Sorry for the little show off ;) it amazes me how well it kept up)

If you can find an 8320E or 8370E cheaper then the 8350 I would go with that. With a top end AM3+ MB I assume you plan on OC'ing?

Arctic is really good build quality in general, and especially for the price. Arctic is ODM for many premium cooling solutions from various manufacturers. Thermaltake is very meh lol, not comparable.

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That's not an option since the build mentioned above is a complete build. It is sold as a whole, the guy got himself something new I think. For the price point I thought it was a steal since the parts new would cost above double that price here. With used parts like Mobo and such I would still exceed the price if I get them one by one, since people demand horrendous returns on the hardware. Plus, as it is a complete build, I can test some things before buying, the seller is ok with that.
Maybe I'll OC, but thats not sure. With the installed cooler I would rather not OC, too risky for me.

Edit: my spelling bugged me out

Thanks for clarification. You know I was young and that cooler just looked sexy.

Ok. I used the stock cooler on my 8320e for 6 months before going for a cheap cooler and a mild OC.
It's nice to know you have a MB that can handle it later on. Looks like a really nice setup

Thanks on all the advice so far. I'll have to leave now, but will go for it. I will post a follow up:
If I got it and what my hands on impressions were/will continue to be.
Posts about AMD FX 8xxx have been rare over the last time, (as far as I have experienced from lurking), so I guess some people looking into them for budget (or fanboy) reasons might profit off of a more recent hands on.

Looks really good man, I just built a very similar system for almost the same price.

Good luck with everything

Might want to grab an Arctic Freezer 13 <- this is a link

So... A little failure on my behalf... and the sellers I guess... I've done a edit of my original post.
The cooler in question is actually a CNPS10X Performa, so thats that. It was mislabeled in his List.
I will test it if I get the system before swapping it. The Arctic Freezer 13 is a very likely option if I need to swap.
can't stress the phrase "thank you all" enough, as a newbie on the forum, I didn't expect to get that much advice.
Keep it up

You don't need that expensive motherboard. Gigabyte have some new fresh and fairly decently priced 970 and 990 boards...
If you're looking for CF, OK, but otherwise you can easily go with a board like that:
Or that:
You can get both of them cheaper than the Asus... And you are missing only the CF/SLI capabilities...

Funny... trucker mentioned I could get a cheaper processor of the FX 8 series, you mentioning to get a cheaper board.
The thing is I'm not buying components, it's a readily assembled rig ;). With used components I think that's a plus since I can see the system post,boot and work before spending money. But I only get the thing as a package.

Anyway thank you for your thoughts, I should edit my original post (once again) to clarify this. So noone tries to find a better deal for me :)