What if I want to hip my hop?

So I have actually been getting into some again, after my slight wiggahood upbringing I turned to metal around 17 but recently have been enjoying the change. Been enjoying some immortal technique, Jedi mind tricks,  lots of things from revolution music records (a record company where all music is free to download.)

So I was just wondering how you'd all react...

meh, my playlist involves rap and metal depending on my mood,


Thanks, I've just listened to Immortal technique's 'dance with the devil'. Awesome, will check out more of his stuff.


well if you like jedi mind tricks and the likes ill throw some other artists names out there you may like

7L & Esoteric, Dyad Souls, Q Unique, ill bill, MR Hyde, De Sade, Necro, Scum, Dez Looca, Brotha Lynch Hung, Brooklyn Act, Reznik, Jason Porter, Celph Titled, Apathy, Chapter Zero, Anonamix, Evil Intentions, Sinna


Hip-Hop and Metal are my two favorite genres.






Listen to;


Johhny Polygon


Three Loco

Supreme Regime

Loud Mouth of Supreme Regime

Blowfly (Never can forget BlowFly)


Nicky Wilson

Chance The Rapper

George Watsky (Does alot of cover..but I mean he does it well.)

If you hate RiFF RAFF, it's because you don't understand him. He's actually pretty educated. He just tries to be dumb as fuck to mock most rappers. His beats are also dope as fuck and super fun to bump with a nice set of speakers though. Tried to pick a variety of shit.

I like all sorts of music. But not Reggae.. Or Jazz and quite a lot of rap I really don't care much for.

For me you choose a nice type of music.

Jedi Mindtricks \ Army of the Pharoahs, yes! Nice to see you mention JMT. I could suggest some albums done from Ill Bill, which sometimes have rock\metal sampling in the background with people like Vinnie Paz just killing it. (In a wonderful way of course.) With the other tracks usually being pretty awesome inbetween. Something like The Hour of Reprisal.


I mean all depending on your taste, I could suggest something like Necro who does a genre called Deathcore.. Some tracks are interesting. I went through a short phase of skimming through net-labels trying to find super small niche artists, stumbled upon Necro.


I can't recall if RJD2 just did instrumentals for tracks or not, the instrumental work is snazzy though.

Hip-hop thread and no mention of The Doom?



Your hiphop thread is now complete gentlemen.


My favorite band as of now.

Sleeping with sirens.

heres the first album, you guys might not like them but whatever its a Mixture of singing and Screamo.

Some songs have more screamo than others some have none.


Chance the Rapper........ Yes.

Despite being a metal head too lol.   Lordz of Brookln are one of the few hip hop posses to get my groove shakin. Here's a beat from them; could be quite similar to some of ye.



I'm excited for his new release this month.

I'm really loving the beast coast scene lately. The underachievers and Flatbush Zombies are fun as hell.



I like Chamillionaire a lot, there's a lot more to him than most people realize. He's released dozens of underground mixtapes and more recently he has become independent and releasing EPs. This is my favourite song from his latest EP in February.