What headset should I get?

I am in the market for a good quality PC headset. I have a blue yeti for mic so no need for a good mic or any at all really. I would like it to work on xb1 and or ps4 as a nice extra feature, but not a must. Would prefer wireless, but doesn’t have to be. Any suggestions? Price isn’t an issue thankfully.

was thinking about this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HSC3WWL?tag=rtings-hp-p-20&ie=UTF8&th=1

Don’t look at headsets, and certainly not at “gaming”.

Look for a proper HiFI headphone. You’ll be more happy with that.

300$ for a plastic shell? No thank you. Can get 2 DT990s for that price and still have leftovers lol.

Expensive != good.

If you don’t know where to start looking:


ya i was checking there site for it. i use them for tvs. I was curious how good the reviews for headphones were. thank you for the info!

They clearly define their testing methodology and they are rather neutral about their reviews. But don’t ever trust any one source. Look up multiple reviews and see how different or similar they are.

When you have a microphone, you just need a headphone.

The problem is that some headphones that excell for gaming need a headphone amp to be properly powered.

beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro’s for example, you want something like the Monolith Liquid Spark or Schiit Magni 3 Hersey. I am not familiar with either console, so someone needs to weigh in on the feasability of hooking either up.

Edit: The DT-880 Edition is available in 3 versions: 32, 250 and 600 Ohm. The later two require a headphone amp to get proper sound.

Note: Do not buy a headset from a company that makes RGB keyboards. Buy a headset from a company that makes both headphones and microphones.

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I’d go for sennheisers with either a modmic or a mic attachment.

I use the hd 558 (discontinued) but these are good subs

Philips has some good cans too. The SHP 5000 will ocasionally go on sale for $50-60 on newegg. It can be hit or miss some people don’t like fabric around the cups



Sennheiser has two “problems”:

  1. The foam disintegrates to flakes. Some day, you will take of the headphones and have black flakes all over your head.
  2. Every Sennheiser (one or two exceptions) sounds very Sennheiser. If you don’t like their signature, you are SOL

That said, HD 598 or HD600 will do nicely for gaming.

Interesting, my 558 seemed to hold up. I must have gotten lucky


The foam disintegrates to flakes. Some day, you will take of the headphones and have black flakes all over your head.

that is what happened to my logitech g930 ear pads…but i love that headset good mic and audio

With Sennheiser, you can just get replacement pads and headband when it happens (in like 6 years or more, depending on climate).

The Sound BlasterX G6 works on all sources you could possible have. Has good reviews and is competetive to similar products at its price range.
With a dedicated DAC/Amp you are open to all kinds of headphones.

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Do i really need a dac/amp? Is it that much better?

No, having a headphone amp just opens up the options.

I had a beyerdynamic DT-770 (250 Ohm) on loan and I had to crank the volume of my onboard to 80% to get acceptable levels. Meanwhile my headphone amps easily push considerable volume with the dial barely past the 10 o’clock mark.

Any headphone between 12 and 100 Ohm will be just fine from onboard audio. Can’t speak for consoles.

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i am willing to get that but is it going to be that much better than what i have on my z390 tachi?

First off you linked the Edition, not the Pro. And secondly, the Edition has 32 Ohm (which any mp3 player can drive), 250 Ohm (which any mid-range main board can drive), and 600 Ohm which… yes, you need an Amp but us frankly not necessary.

The DT 880 Pro is 250 Ohm only, but the only thing you get is a different cable (which you can also choose in the Edition variant), and a tighter fit. So unless you like both of that, the Pro is unnecessary.

Besides, personally I don’t see the point in getting the 880 in any variant. It’s a semi-open which IMO doesn’t really make sense. Either go full open with the DT 990 (Edition or Pro) or the DT 770 (only Pro available).

Depends on your use case dac/amp is a bit overkill if you are just gaming

Probably not. Just provides more power.

I mostly mentioned it as it allowes to hook headphones to all modern consoles where it will give you an upgrade over the controller integrated audio.

They are mostly the same, some nuances are different. Still a mistake on my end.

IMO the 880’s are the best choice for home use.

The DT-770 has elevated bass, for competetive gaming a disadvantage as it could drown out footsteps. It being closed back could also get a “hot ear” situation during long sessions.

The DT-990 has the Beyerdynamic-V sound right in the ears. I personally dislike the elevated treble as Beyer has it.

mine usage is 95% gaming 5% youtube/twitch/etc…would like to upgrade consoles as well if possible.

Definetly possible :smiley:

How are they hooked up? Just HDMI to monitor/TV or via AV-Receiver?

hdmi to tv/monitor

nothing fancy, but I really like my hyper x cloud II’s. As far as I know they work on the ps4/xbone and the mic is detachable if you don’t want it in the way.

Only thing I’m iffy on it is it’s lack of noise cancelling but that may not be an issue.

I can’t speak for sound quality since I have nothing to compare them too, other than the razer man of war which was in my opinion trash.