What Have You Done to Improve Your Life This Week? (2 Sept)

So I missed last week as I was in hospital. But I figured this might be a good recurring thread.

What have you done to improve you life over last week and this week coming?

This thread is around the things you doing and have done small or large to make your life its self better.

For myself while I already had it scheduled, I had a hospital appointment done finally (I was putting it off) to find out why I dislike some foods.

I’ve also done one other thing over the weekend and that was budgeting. I’ve started using YNAB (4 month free trial) to budget my money better and see if it works for me. So far… I already have a better picture of my finances after two days of using it. I highly recommend it or any other budgeting if you don’t already do this.

What about you all?


Pinned for two days.

I replaced a dodgy light switch in my kitchen a few minutes ago. Of course the first breaker I flipped (labelled “lights”) was actually the outlets in my office and took out all the network and computers. But the second “lights” breaker was the kitchen lights :slight_smile:


I am getting up before 9am on weekdays (about 6:30am), 9amish on weekends.


I did a bunch of preventative maintenance to my vehicles.

I also swapped over from heavily processed deserts to fruit. (Trying to cut down sugar)


Built a Kubernetes cluster and deployed my web site to it. Played around with it to learn the basics. Considering the hype I’m guaranteed another 2 to 30 years of employment due to my efforts.


I showered, I am planning to do it again in this week too.


Though not as early I do this as well to get into work earlier so I can finish earlier and have more time in the evening. Getting up early I think probably has something to it.

It’s stupid how much of a difference this can make.


I ate even less than I already was… lost a few kg that way but there are still some to go

And stopped drinking coffee at night… started sleeping much better


I’m currently on two week holiday, still this week to go. Spending most of it in the countryside. Felt quite jaded at work lately so I consider this as life improvement. Let’s see how far this will carry me. :smile:


My wife and I discussed how things have been running smooth lately… and how that’s terrible in its own way. We’re not jumping from crisis to crisis. Acknowledging that was a start. So whatever we’re doing, we’re gonna hold each other to it.

For my part: I took a tour of the local Makerspace. I’m starting the process to become a member, and will be at least attending weekly. I have no social outlets offline, plus I get to learn stuff.

And mess with a laser cutter. Let’s not pretend that’s not a part of this.


Cooked a weeks worth of lunch. After doing this for a few months I’m looking at starting to cook two to four weeks worth of meals. It really has made things easier and has helped with losing weight.


i made a table from rotten wooden crates

The crate lid is now tabletop. The leftover of this one and 2 other is now my bed. I made a wide table with other two lids in 2017. This one will be another module i guess… finished with putty , paint, laminates


I helped a friend (1.5 year immigrant from Philippines) make a cabinet out of pallet wood. I have the tools and knowledge, he has the desire to learn.
I feel good about helping.
He learns some new skills.

A little elaboration. Melvin has never used handtools or powered tools in his life. I showed him the basics and let him do most of the work. We knocked apart some pallets, pulled nails. Ran the wood thru a portable planer until all the wood was good both sides. This left the wood at 1/2" thick. Then ran the wood thru a jointer to get the sides trued up. Most of the wood was soft wood, but there was one pallet of what I think is walnut. Assembled the carcass with glue and 18g pin nails. The top was a piece of 1" plywood with some grey 2" tile and white grout. We used the walnut as accent pieces on the edge of the doors and as a border surrounding the tile.


Started this:

I did day 3 this morning.


and finally, this is what i made:

free new desk, saving bucks for x570 & 3700x


I’m buying a new Tacoma on Saturday (gonna call and make a deposit shortly) my 3 year review is this week, which I was clued in is gonna go spectacular. Also I Have a first date with a girl on Friday.

What hasn’t happened this week? Granted this stuff is mostly a result of what was done in previous time but still.


You don’t get any gains doing 50 push ups a day. You have to work your way up to 1000 push ups though a 4 day week. You need to start by doing 200 to 300 at a minimum to start off.

Hard to beat free.

Lol what? Incorrect. My chest, lats, triceps, abdominals, and delts disagree with your statement.

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