What have you bought during the summer sale?

Hey what have you guys bought from the summer sale so far? I have finally picked up Chivalry, which is pretty amazing by the way. I'm on a budget this year so I may not get any more games.

Skyrim: Legendary Edition.

Thinking about getting the Ys Series on steam since I got my big check but then again I DO need to save up for a car




Deus Ex (original) Finally!

I got it for $0.02!

It was 50% off and i had like 3.47 in steam money from selling those stupid trading cards.

so far just CS:GO

update: 7/19 - morning

  • cs:go
  • fallout: new vegas
  • terraria
  • prototype 2 + DLC

Bioshock 1 & 2

Well ahh, I had some money in the bank ready for my new pc next month. Which will have to be set back a few more weeks I think now

Portal 1 and 2





Endless Space

Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon



Half Life Complete

Just Cause 2

Sleeping Dogs


I have to stop now, Need the rest of the money to live.


I've maily bought linux games so far.

Killing floor

Saints row 3 (not linux but for $5 wasn't going to argue)


iBomber (i dont know why i bought it)

Now just waiting for CS:Source to go cheaper again.

for how much?

$4.99 each, so $9.98 all together.

Ha-  i got them both on amazon for $5 a few months back

Nothing yet as I'm playing the patience game. I'm going to eventually pick up GTA 3 and Vice city, KOTOR 1 and 2, Oblivion, ME1, Psychonauts and maybe CS: GO


Also taking suggestions for games (hopefully.) Love puzzle games, interesting FPS, 3rd person shooters and RPGs.

Library: http://i.imgur.com/Ta9WD0m

Beat Hazard


Binding of isaac

Deus Ex GOTY and Human are epic games!

I'm going to pick up DX HR when it goes on sale, the gameplay is reminicent of Psy Ops on the Xbox and that games was amazing.


Thank you, I'll probably pick that up. Main reason I'm waiting on the steam version is because I have money in the stem wallet, but for 5 bucks, meh.

The NFS Shift games, Bioshock 1 and 2 (playing the series for the first time, 2 hours in and loving Bioshock 1) and I bought Dark Souls. Think I'll grab a couple more in the next few days.

Will update as I buy more. For now,

Civ. V Gold Ed.

Sleeping Dogs


Dark Souls Prepare to Die Ed.

Darksiders 2

Borderlands 2

Cities XL Platinum

All things Half-Life (Finally!)    Granted, this was at the 75% off right before the Summer Sale started.


CIV 5 Gold


Half-Life 1&2 complete packs