What have you been listening to lately?

Not a what are you listening to now.. But if there's some music you would like to share that you've really been getting into, here's the place.

So what I would like to share is a kinda new band that I just found yesterday by the name of Slice the Cake. Seems like they would be your average run of the mill breakdown/core band with the name, but they're actually the small percentage of deathcore that is definately listenable. Lots of progressive influence, and some groove, some crazy death metal stuff, and even some pretty symphonic stuff. It sounds great. They just released their first LP, which goes by the name of "The Man With No Face".


Whoa, pleasantly surprised by that song. I don't even mind the clean vocals! I'll definitely have to check out more of them, thanks for sharing :D

For whatever reason, I've been listening to a disproportionate amount of very pretty black metal. Agalloch, of course, some Deafheaven (might go to their concert with Alcest in Brooklyn on 3/31)... And Waldgeflüster!


^Great track. I'll look into them!

As for me, Rosetta lately...going to their show tonight in Ottawa. I'm excited.


^Great track. I'll look into them!

As for me, Rosetta lately...going to their show tonight in Ottawa. I'm excited.



Honestly, I've been going through my old video game music folder. Today it's Deus EX. What an incredible soundtrack.

Oh man, one of the best! I didn't fully appreciate how great that soundtrack is until I listened to it separate from playing the game...

Another band I've been listening to, is another deathcore band that I find to be a head above the crowd to all the others. They're called 'Betraying the Martyrs'



I've been listening to the new Fun. album recently. Theyre quite amazing, remind me of Queen a lot. (im such a hippy)


Another new band I just found by the name of "Dissona"



I can't stop listening to this album...


Edit: Can't figure out how to embed...



Lord Belial


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNHyjs2R8Y4 <- Never listen to this while driving, might as well be on crack.



Machine Head.. lately.

I almost always listen to Trance, preferably vocal trance with female vocalists. Female vocalists in trance make it...perfect xD The song below is my absolute favorite. Give it a listen.


I also listen to classical from time to time. <3 


BTW has anyone been experiencing problems with embeds?