What have I done (AIO cooling in a Phanteks Evolv ITX)

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What's the problem?

no problem other than my ridiculous spending habbits.

edit: well that's a lie. my 780 ti is super hot in my phanteks evolv itx (84-87 degrees under load), and sounds like a jet engine. i hope this solves my problems.

Do you have enough fans to move some air in and out of the case?

i have two 140mm phanteks fans for intake but no exhast. i partially blame the phanteks tower cooler that i have currently which doesn't allow much room for air to circulate. i hope the hg10 will allow me to bypass most of this issue by exhausting the gpu air directly out of the case.

I've got a Corsair H100i and with the stock fans it's ridiculously loud. I bought two NF-P12 Noctua fans as replacements. Silence is golden.

after this upgrade, as long as my rig is quiter than an evga 780 ti acx cooler at 100% fan speed, i'll consider it a win lol

What and you're pissed about this?

I didn't do my research when I did my build and now I have an AM3 computer.

Not bad, but I could have gotten FM2+ parts cheaper.


Never mind him, he sounds like another forum troll from the posts I've seen of him.

I think the equipment you bought should work great as long as you setup your fan speed controls correctly in BIOS.

i'm hoping it does. i saw someone else with the same case using an h105 (i think thats the 280mm version of the h100?) and an h75 in the back of the case with enough clearance for both rads.

the only thing i hope is that there's enough clearance for the GPU cooler hoses between the hg10 bracket and the PSU grill of the case. there isn't a lot of room as it is.

The rubber tubing used on the coolers you bought are pretty pliable and will bend quite a bit before kinking.

Even if I disagree with spending more to cool when upgrading to a cooler running gpu may be "better" you will still have the coolers for future upgrades, Just don't throw the stock.

You have the approval of a stranger.

are 780 ti's notorious for being hot? or that version specifically? i bought it from a friend for a really great price, so i didn't really research it much before i bought it

I see no problem here.

(For science!)

Received the hg10 and h75 in the mail today. I took my phanteks cooler off, put the Intel stock cooler on, and put the hg10 on my 780 ti.

Temps went from 85 to ~60, but the case is not put back together yet. I'm going to leave it apart until the h100i comes on Tuesday.

Not bad at all. I have the same case but my R9 290 Vapor-X runs a little warm crammed in there.
You going to do both as exhaust?
If not they are going to be sucking up some of the hot air from each other.

Yea both AIOs will be exhaust. I hope with 2 140mm intakes and 3 120mm exhausts (with less flow from the rads) I can maintain positive pressure in the case

Assuming that the 120mm fans are corsairs SP fans and your two 140mm fans are corsairs AF fans there should be slightly more positive air pressure. I am not too sure how much the front of the case hinders air flow though. Probably not very much in comparison to direct flow.
I assume once you attach the radiator you are going to seal up the holes that way all the air flow can be directed out the back and not flow back into the case. Although doing that might end up being completely useless.

I had an XFX R9 290 in one of these and it kept thermal throttling so that AIO cooler for the GPU was a good move

just hope it all fits ^__^