What hardware upgrades would I need to do if I would switch to Linux and wanted to have a Win 10 VM with GPU passthrough

So I’ve been using Linux on my server and my laptop now for a while and I really like it. I even tried Linux on my main rig at home and for the most part it works great. There are some games that dosen’t work yet on Linux that I play a lot. So that’s why I haven’t shifted to Linux yet. So right now I am rocking a Ryzen 1600 with 16GB of ram and a GTX 1070.

I already know that if I would switch to Linux and I wanted to have some kind of windows 10 VM with GPU passthrough I would need another GPU and a new motherboard since I am on a ITX motherboard right now.

But is there anything else I need to consider? Do I need to upgrade my CPU too and is 16GB of Ram enough or do I need more for this?


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I have the same CPU and I never had any issues with passthrough, it works perfectly. 16GB is also plenty for most tasks, up until last week I also didn’t have more than 16GB of ram in my system. Still, I will put the obligatory “It depends on your specific intended use case” here :wink:.

The only thing to keep in mind if you don’t want to bother with the ACS override patching is to use two GPUs with two different device IDs.

I am not sure if there are other things to look out for but I am not aware of any. However, I am only a beginner regarding the use of GPU passthrough so it might be best to wait for a few comments from the experts. :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep in mind that with things like this there will probably be some small obstacles along the way, don’t get frustrated by it.

Good luck for your project!


Well my use case i mostly gaming and when it comes to gaming I play a little bit of everything. Hmm okay so I can’t get another of the same GPU model I have now. So I would either have to get a 1070 of another brand/with another type of cooler or a completely different GPU?

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I just realized I got two things mixed up here, this has nothing to do with ACS.

Anyways, I think the IDs are based on vendorID and deviceID so I think either different brand or different GPU should work. (there are supposedly workarounds for this but I never looked into it, just didn’t want you to run into a problem with that)

However, as I said I am essentially a beginner with GPU passthrough, not sure who best to ask, maybe @gnif can clarify or correct me.


Its easier if you have GPU from two different brands.

Otherwise, you would need to specify the DeviceID of the once that you do not want to start at boot up or how ever you want to manage that. That last one is easier to do with AMD vs Nvidia hardware due to the flexibility of the open source AMD drivers and KMS/DRM