What happens when you buy Pixio and the firmware forgets who it is

I bought a 2016 model Pixio PX277 in late 2016.

After I had it for a year and a half it just wouldn’t turn on anymore.
Pixio support simply told me that as the monitor was out of warranty and out of production they could do nothing for me.

I let the panel sit in a box somewhere for a while until one of my other monitors died, decided it was time to do the damn repair and picked up a broken monitor using the same panel.

The board didn’t fit in the Pixio case and the Pixio panel didn’t fit in the new monitor case. I took hasty and drastic action, and left it this way for 6 months.
Cringe warning:

Finally got around to putting an end to the carnage yesterday:

The Acer monitor I sourced the controller board from would have gladly been taken in for a quick firmware reflash for 20 bucks and shipping.

Sometimes cheap has its price.


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