What happened to the Ryzen V1000 boards from 3 months ago?

Remember this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haGEAAYe5A4

Are there any plans to bring these to the store? @wendell

Would love to see a board with ECC and 2 NICs… Currently can’t get any v1000 boards. There’s the UDOO BOLT but that doesn’t have duel NICs and is unclear about ECC support.

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Definitely interested in these boards.
If not coming to the store, is there somewhere else one could purchase these without a bulk order from Sapphire?
Had an eye on the Udoo Bolt for a while, although the V8 tops out with Vega 8 GPU and the Sapphire has a Vega 11.
This would make one hell of a portable “everything” system I could take away with me on work.

no idea I can’t find any that don’t have a bunch of weird crap (embedded arduino for example)…

If you find some please share :slight_smile: