What happened to Small? / wtf is this sh*t

What happened to everything being tiny? Everything had to be small, petite, and had to fit up your butt so when you went to prison you could text your bro in the middle of the night.

I remember an LG commercial in the middle of all of that "MORE SMALL AHHAHHAAAAAAA" thing where a mom got her daughter a cell phone and they fought about it but instead of negetivity she was happy. It was weird.....

But what happened to all of that? We had 11 inch gaming laptops back in 09 and now everything is either way to big but useable or small in stupid (in laptops). Hardware is a shit show and garbage anymore.

I look at dell laptops and every single inspiron has a celeron or a pentium clocked at 1.67 GHZ and 4 gigs of ram. BUT there are 45 models at all sorts of prices from 300 dollars to 1100 dollars. "The gpu's are different" MY ASS. "Intel 5500 GPU" is the label on every single one, though now the 520's are out...... Who cares about intel GPU's anymore?

The last good laptops ended at the nvidia 2xx/3xx GPU's imo. There was variety and you weren't paying 1100 for a pentium G and 8 gigs of ram and a 1TB HDD.

Laptops are getting stupid and it's sad. I feel like a company like apple or system76 are the only ones that have proper non-bullshit options anymore. And yeah I get it; more games coming out that want a real GPU and not some tossup. I remember the HP Necro laptops (the NC and NW series) being the holy shit of laptops when I was a kid. They made the apple laptops shit themselves.

What happened?

I see a lot of smaller powerful laptops?

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I realy dont see your point.

You can get pretty much any perfomance on any formfactor these days except hight end gaming which starts at ~15".
In 2009 gaming laptops werent even close to what they are now.
In 2014 I got a 15.6" hp g6 with an i7 3632qm, 6gb ram 750gb hdd and a hd 7670m for 450€. (thats proper non bullshit for me)
also what exactly does apple get right nowadays? I mean compare the macbook to a asus ux305.
Its 2/3 the price and its more powerful, even though it has a lesser cpu in it because the macbook overheats.


Smartphones happened.


and tablets, but yea mostly phones.


What happened? You started wearing nostalgia glasses. There are tons of great new laptops. Take off those glasses and you'll be amazed.


I went to a local electronics shop to find the same CPU for the 300€ to 500€ models no matter the manufacturer. Same for 600€, 760€ and 800€. They also had three (!) "high end" models with oh, wait! The same Anthill CPU and all the same GTX 970m. What a joke of choice. You can get a metal box with four wheels and a steering wheel in different colors aswell!
If something is small, there is one option by different companys. There is no "small"-option anymore. It starts with "Large" and goes up to "XXXL" (Not a joke, there is even a furniture store in Germany starting all their markets names with "XXXL", look it up)
Once, everything became smaller and was useful that way. Cell phones for example. I have a Siemens ME45. (Yup, Siemens once made phones.) It is small compared to modern smart phones.

I recently learned that when NASA was developing the urine disposal system for Apollo they labeled the different "condoms" Small, Medium and Large. They kept getting leaks because all of the astronauts would only use the large ones.

So they changed the labels to Large, Gigantic and Humongous. LOL!

How things have changed.

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I dunno I just feel like thers way too many "clones" of the same model, like the inspirons like I said. If you want a laptop that isn't a gamer but isn't crap you're still chucking almost 1000 at one. I've said before the prices of now and mabe 15 years ago are significantly different it just seems there should be better options on the low end market / that getting a laptop shouldn't be as confusing as it is for those who are looking at them.

Also I agree with the phones and tablets thing. I know a few people who have just iphones and are happy with that but that's not going to work out for too much longer, I don't think.

My original point still stands though. It doesn't seem like theres much of a smaller market anymore. You could get an ibook and it was tiny, had a DVD drive, and you could throw it in a bag. I've tried the M$ tablets out and I wasn't too impressed.

Yeah probably. Maybe I just wish the market wasn't such a shit show anymore :P It sounds stupid in my head, but maybe we should still have that "ibook option" somewhere. Maybe not 1300 bucks, but you can see where I'm looking at it from, maybe?

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