What happened to Logans Movie

In the early days of The Tek Logan was saying he was going to make the best movie ever... wtf happened?

Yeah, I was looking foward to the 30ft invisible beaver.

Werent we all.

True, But i was just looking forward to a community mad movie

It didn't go away. We are at a choke point now with the site. It has grown, way too many products are sitting here waiting for a review, and our staff is too small. Once I am able to wear fewer hats things will change. Now, 80% of my time is business nonsense and emails. It's crazy. Things will change as we are almost at a point where we can afford to hire people and expand. This will free me up to make more content and hang out with everyone more on the site and in our game servers... Making some movies... that's part of the bigger plan too.

im sure you have prob heard this like a million times but let me know if you guys are hiring. currently in school with a major in electronics and looking for work as always. its hard to find anything at the moment..also im very close by in location

I would Happyly work for u guys for free... if i didn't live in AUS

Yes I would also work for you for free..But I have no computer skills..But I could get beers, even though I no longer really drink and probably throat punch people, while they are not looking or something..or be a crazy mascot or something.Lol I can't even carry anything over 9lbs for at least another 8 months..Arrrg doctors..But if you needed to have someone with a disability for some kind of tax write off..Pay me like a 250$ a month (just because that is what i pay on this very small house I just got)..I could be like the eternal intern..lol.I would to learn the skills you need and you still would not have to pay me more.  I really figure, I would raise your insurance premiums (insert laugh if you have no insurance)..even though I am fully insured by the government..

Logon should come down-under, if not i will force him to... pat my dog... yes DOG logon... in ur face to all ur cat threats