What happened to all the CERN coverage?

Hey guys,

Been wondering for a long time - I haven't heard anything about the CERN coverage you were talking about.
Anything in the pipeline?

I'm not looking to have this answered on an inbox.exe video, just anwsered :)
If someone else knows the answer and I just missed it - please do tell

Best regards
Thomas, denmark

The massive backlog of videos happened to the CERN videos. I am willing to bet that we will have a massive flood of content rolling in over the next few months, I'm talking 3+ videos a week on top of there normal videos.

With Logan getting his last album done, moving to new city and getting a true office. The team is coming together with a new editor coming onboard, the backlog should disappear.


Yeah that was what I figured as well.
Thanks for your reply!

tagging @Logan and @DeusQain helps them see questions, which usually get them answered more quickly.

@looming-hawk hit it on the head. We have a lot of footage from all over that got stuck in the backlog.