What GTX 760 should i go with

Having  trouble deciding on wether to go

1.Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 OC Edition 2GB ($329.00)


2.MSI GeForce GTX 760 Gaming Edition OC 2GB ($339.00)

I can recommend both of them. Both are really good brands for GPUs. 

If there are any reviews of them you can surely check them online and then finalize.

Msi card. It could have an unlocked voltage so more overclocking!

I have the evga 760 sc

The msi is really nice too

I live in Australia so prices are more expansive here

Why is that?(if you know)

I think it is because the shipping cost for the manufacturers to get it to Australia.

There is always a 7950 to consider.


Expensive prices here are consistent with the economy. Wages in Australia are generally higher, but everything costs more. So there's not really any advantage or disadvantaging in that regard. 

Also a reason why the bigger retailers here are fighting to get goods & services tax applied to imports. Because everybody is just buying from overseas to get cheaper stuff. But for some reason no tech companies ship computer parts to us. 

Newegg and ncix could be getting some of that sweet Australian money. People will pay slightly higher shipping fees when the price of the product differs by such a great amount.