What Gtx 680's can i use in quad SLI?

I'm building a computer and I want to be able to upgrade it later. I'm wanting a Gtx 680 and i want to be able to add on to it when I can and so eventually i will want a quad sli setup. IDK what cards can support quad sli if any card in the 680 design can support it i would like the card to be at the most $550 USD also want it to have a decent clock speed and memory ammount for the price. this is my first post on this forum im usually on Linustechtips.com but they are down tonight so i figured i would finally take the plunge into this forum. Thank you in advance

Here's a list of all gtx 680's on pcpartpicker: http://pcpartpicker.com/search/?cc=us&q=gtx+680

they all support four-way SLI, i think only the reference model supports three-way SLI.

You'll need a pretty beefy PSU to run 4 680's at the same time and also a big case to fit them. I'm personally not very experienced with SLI but i hope i could help nonetheless.

how much later are you planing to upgrade to quad SLI ?

For example upgrading a 4yr old pc to SLI won't bring that much benefit.

Also i doubt that anything beyond dual graphics cards is worth it if you plan on using them for gaming.

My experience is that multiple graphics feel less smooth even-though the frame-rate is much higher. (SLI not recommended for fast paced shooters IMHO)

I ditched my mid-range SLI for an upper range card and i'm much happier even though i have 10% -15% lower frame-rates

like 4 monthes later maybe 5 but no more than that

Just buy two Titans, sli creates a lot of heat and power consumption, and can be a pain in the ass. Not to mention that not all programs will take advantage of a setup like that