What graphics card would you use with Ubuntu for 3+ monitors?

I do lots of programming for my current company and want to move to Ubuntu as my primary OS despite the head of IT wanting me on Windows.

Currently I am running Ubuntu inside of VirtualBox and although this may be nice for pausing and starting off where I left off it can be quite annoying with multiple monitors.

I have tried installing Ubuntu when I first built my work computer and had issues getting three monitors to work. This was mainly because I was using old graphic cards and trying to run two monitors off one and the third off another card. Ubuntu didn't like this and I could not find anywhere online where other people have got it to work.

So I need to find a graphics setup that will work easily in Ubuntu and support up to 3 or more monitors.

These are the resolutions of the monitors I am running:
one 900x1400 monitor in portrait mode and two 2560x1440 in landscape.

For my specific setup the card needs to be under $200 and preferably be an AMD card as they have better open source support for linux.


Any help is greatly appreciated. I hate programming in Windows and the quicker I can switch the better.

note: My newlines got all screwy when I submitted the post. I am sorry if it makes your eyes bleed :(

Under $200 and can support multiply monitors and amd... how about the AMD Sapphire Dual-X R9 280 for $189 on newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202112

I think this would fit what you are looking for.

R9 290X is what I use, it works great. R9 285 is maybe an argument there because it has some kind of new and different hardware for things. I don't know why

AMD anything. their linux driver is a lot easier to get working i found than nvidia. im with wendell, 290/x be a good option. if you dont plan on running 3d games on it then the 4GB frame buffer isnt probably necessary.

You should go with nvidia. It's the best way to enjoy 3 blank monitors. 

If you want them to display images, get some amd stuff.


For programming only - anything really as long as it has enough outputs and is from the amd. You could pick up something like a 6970/50 for next to nothing these days. Then spend the rest of your cash on another upgrade ~ another monitor perhaps....

The 290X would be awesome with a 3 way setup on any Linux distro.

Another vote for AMD GPUs, HD6860/5870 have the current best support from the OSS drivers in terms of completeness of features and closest to the binary blob performance, but newer GPUs have their UVD and VCE video decode and encode features enabled in the OSS drivers these days, so it's up to you there.

I put in a request for the company to buy the R9 280 linked in the first comment. The IT guy wants to try out an older card he has lying around first. 

Will the R9 280 support all my three monitors at once? 

And then some...

really comes back to what you intend on doing. if your just gonna be writing code, then yeah your gonna have three monitors running off a display port hub, and then two dvi. if you plan to run a game on these monitors...might chug along a bit. i would tell him not to waste your guys time "trying" the older card. while it will probably work, its just not worth it as it may be unsupported

This. I tried so hard to get into Linux but couldn't get past the barrier of my 1440p monitor not displaying. I gave up and am stuck with Windows for now. I loved OpenSUSE though.

I got the R9 280 and it works great. I only watch videos once in a while and don't do any video editing, rendering, or gaming.

This setup is working great. Only issue I am having is my third monitor I like to have portrait mode but every time I try to set it so it ends up blacking all screens and glitching out until the timer counts down to 0 and resets it to previous settings.

Other than that it's great.

Dawg, get a r7 250, it's around 100 usd and it works fine, or a 7850, check Ebay, the deals you can get are insane