What GPU to choose ? o_O

Okay so I built my first "gaming" PC like 3 weeks ago I would be happy with it but I think I rushed and I didn't put enough research in what I bought also this was a (budget rig).  Anyway My current specs are :
Motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-DS3
CPU: AMD FX 6100  6core cps running at default 3.3ghz (stock cooler)
GPU: XFX Radion HD6850 (ghost)
RAM: Kingston Hyperx 8GB DDR3 1600
and some cheap Alpine PSU that is 650wats and had 2 PCE express power connectors for GPU.

Anyway So for my monitor I use 27" Samsung LED tv and my frame rates on games like battlefield/crysis are shocking.  I mean I get around 32~36 fps on high settings on battlefield 3 :( 
I assume it's to do with the screen being too big and the GPU being too weak?? or am I wrong, and there is something other??
Anyway if it's GPU that can't get the job done, what should I upgrade to? What is the best GPU I can go for that is reasonably prices and wouldn't "kill" my empty student wallet ?
If you have any ideas please let me know of what I should go for, thank you in advance. Oh yeah I am also from UK so if there is any people that know about UK GPU market out there don't hesitate to inform me of what to buy THANKS!

Use it.


anyways, get a GTX 660ti. ;)


Sorry about that, but when I was typing it up it was nice and neat but then it all got bunched up, anyway how about if I would get second same video card and run them crossfire, would that be any beneficial, or just a waste of money?? or could I even expect to run games in future at the decent frame rate ? 

I would just get the best single powerful card you can get, that way later down the road you can get ANOTHER single powerful card to crossfire/SLI

Yeah I guess that would make sense, however question is what card to choose from I mean is there anything else out there that is worth looking out for other then GTX 660ti ? My budget is around £170~200 so that's like $270~320

yeah I'd just go with that, a 660Ti

weirdly enough you people at US get the same GPU like $100 cheaper than what the UK retailers offer..  unfortunately this card becomes out of my reach..

Too much?


 after some digging found better    http://www.box.co.uk/MSI_Nvidia_Geforce_GTX660_Twin_Frozr_PCI_1281886.html

Yeah, the 660TI will probably be the best you can do for that price. Normally just adding another 6850 would be fine, but the problem that the 6850s are running into now is that they only have 1GB of VRAM, and games like Battlefield 3 are using close to 2GB of VRAM depending on your resolution.

just be aware thats a 660 not the ti version

I see, another question that pops up is what's the difference between the TI and usual 660 ?? is the 80 dollar difference worth it ? what are the benefits ?

I'm not exactly sure how the performance compares. I'd have to look up some benchmarks, but the 660 TI and 660 are two completely different cards despite their names. I don't know why Nvidia started this whole TI naming system. The 660 is still a good card, but the 660 TI is definitely better.

a comparison of Benchmarks, gotta love anandtech


the 660Ti has more cudo cores and faster ram I believe

I have a question to, what do you guys think ov the xfx6870 dual fan edetion for gaming will it be good enough?



I'm going to go with no

Just got the http://www.scan.co.uk/products/2gb-xfx-radeon-hd-7870-core-edition-4800mhz-gddr5-28nm-gpu-1000mhz-1280-cores-dl-dvi-hdmi-mdp-plus-5

So far i have been very pleased. Acording to other benchmarks I seen while looking around its faster than the gtx660 but not as fast as the gtx660TI. It might be a bit under powerd for higher resolutions but my 24" only does 1080p.

Starcraft 2 highest settings at 1080p ~45-50 fps (I think its cpu bound)
Batman Arkham Asylum on highest at 1080p ~60 fps

It is currently idleing at 26-27c and its whisper quite when you start gaming it sounds like a jet engine taking off and jumps up to ~48c. Yesterday it was toping off at ~58c as my cooling sux.