What gpu should I buy? Waiting is driving me crazy

So right now I have 420 for a gpu and I just don't know what to do. I was gonna buy the 970 but now I have so much more money I am almost at the point that I can get the 980 with some saving but at this point I lost all patience and just wanna buy everything already. Also the new amd 300 series is coming out in June this month but that is even more of a wait. Not to mention if I got the 970 I would be closer to getting a better monitor and keyboard. I don't know. I guess what I am looking for is for someone to just tell me to hold on a little longer or give in to my temptation and get the 970 and save some money.

Wait till the 300 series comes out or you get enough from a 980. I know it sucks holding off but it's worth it.

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Wait for the 390

they've announced

"its comming! 06.16.15"
It should be as I am too. (hope the price won't kill market this time... like with 290x which were priced for +700$ on release because shops wanted to make buck from all them miners.

I know when money is burning a hole in your pocket, you feel the need to spend it, but it is better to live with the anxiety and know for certainty later... than to scratch the itch and live with regret.

Not exactly true, the market was destroyed a month after release because companys couldnt keep them on the shelves, they were selling so fast, they could not make enough of them, so, to hold back sales, they bumped up the price. This is known as supply and demand :P

while yes, supply was low; newegg, amazon bumped price even more cause of miners. (they were replacing 7970's) and they were the extreme demand. (so normal user, couldn't buy fairly their gpu)

I'm still using a 670 but I don't plan on buying a new card for at least a year. I want to run 4k at least at 60 fps when I have the monitor for it. It's painful having to play GTA V on medium / high specs but I think it's worth the wait. I don't know what your needs are though. What do you want out of your card and what do you use now?

I direct you to the situation of February 2014.


Crypto-miners, crypto-miners everywhere. I had a guy who frequented the shop I worked at who started an entire company specifically for reselling modded 290/290X's in mining racks. He said they were selling for the equivalent of $1,300 a card, so paying $800 upfront to Newegg wasn't an issue.

Thanks guys! I get really bad anxiety and it helps when people reinsure me. My only question is all of you are saying to wait for the 300 series but isn't that the only ones with hbm will be like 600+? I'm trying to keep up to date but so far I've heard that the best ones ill be able to afford is the 380x that apperently wont have hbm. So am I waiting for prices to drop or for truly the 380x that from what I have heard will be just a but better then the 970?

Just a few more weeks and you'll save a shit load whichever gpu you buy. 3xx release = price war.

Okay :) so just gonna hold out till I cant hold out any longer and buy the best I can get at that time. Again thank all of you for putting my mind at ease (to an extent).

in fact 390x can't be more than $580; here's why:

295x is within ~$580 (for amd to price their 390x higher would mean it would have to have better performance, which is doubtful ; but if it does then wow)

I'm just worried there is some truth to the rumors that all of the new cards from AMD will be rebrands except for this "Fury" card which is supposed to be the only one with HBM...

Just don't play the waiting game, it's alright now I think cause it's supposed to come out in a couple weeks, but don't wait just because the next best thing is coming. You'll end up never upgrading lol.

Well its not like they are going to chuck existing stock of 2xx series cards in the bin. 7950 became the 280 which will probably become the 370 or similar.... nvidia do the same as well.
~ FIJI is the HBM gpu as well.

or just buy 980 or something and then return it if you want 390x (you have some period of time for return)

OH they have programs where you can basically rent a card for awhile, and turn that in for the newest one.

yeah but if he brought and returned a card he wouldn't loose a dime.

I'm just mentioning that there are programs out there like the one I mentioned