What GPU do you use for modded skyrim, and does it serve you well?

I recently bought a 390X nitro 8gb and I have to say it runs modded skyrim like a champion, I previously had a non-x 290 Tri-X but there is still a notable difference.

I wonder about other people and their GPU though? On what qualities you play. (if at all)

Also, unrelated, I am new here, how in the world do you send a PM, it can't be done.

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I use a GTX 980 with a custom BIOS running at 1618MHz - I get all the frames at 4k - ALL OF THEM*

*40 - 70 fps depending where i am - FUCK YOU WHITERUN!!!

I use a GTX 780 (Stock) with a 1080p resolution and the fps is above 40.

The mods are Realvision ENB and the recommended ones for this enb.

R9 Fury at 1080p. I got shelfs of unused FPS.

MSI GTX 980 at 1080p

+200 MHz on the core = 1504 MHz Boost
+450MHz on memory = 3954 MHz

Gives me plenty of power to play with the more intense ENBs.

Using VandB ENB Nature fps is anywhere from 50-60 (Vsync on)

I've got a fury x but it doesn't actually run that well. Though since @CrossCarbon seems to be doing fine it's probably related to my mod config

I use mods in respect to maximum VRAM usage... so^^

I've only lightly modded Skyrim so far... 270x at 1080p maxed out and absolutely no problems

Heh, I recently went into detail about how I have my heavily modded Skyrim installation running in a video I made and posted here. I'm using a GTX 760 4GB edition. In interior cells I get 55-60FPS, exterior cells have an average of 35 while less demanding areas get 45 and a few insane areas get only 25.

Yup, this. Whiterun and Riverwood are two places that drop me to 25. But I just can't turn it down, it's so purdy. I'd love a faster GPU so I can have 45+ FPS in those demanding areas buuuut broke college student. I can wait patiently.

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I have an R7 370 and do fine. 60 FPS in ultra with a phenom X4 955 BE. Not a single issue.

1500mhz 980ti at 2160p. Roughly 100 mods, which run fine, but the ENB brings it to its knees (avg 30fps when it's cranked up). Vid card has 6GB of vram but the game never seems to use more than 4GB.

I started running the game full tilt at 1080p and the 980ti destroys it, except for occasional stutters.

Currently use a XFX 390 on my desktop and on my laptop I'm using a GTX 970m. On average I get 50+ frames on my desktop. On my laptop it's about 35+ FPS on ultra with all my mods running.

I use a 980ti for modded skyrim. Lots of vram, lots of power.

I'm running a 280x maxed out at 1080 with a fair amount of graphical mods, no enb though

I am running a slightly more OC's Nitro R9-380 OC edition @1080 P at last check, I had an ENB and around 45 mods. Have not had any real troubles performance wise. I have had some minor frame drops, but it is not a game breaker at all. I am also running an OCd 8320 and 12 Gb of RAM. which is a medium grade system.