What got you into PC gaming?

What game drew you into pc gaming and forced you to stay?  The game that drew me in the most was Planetside 2.  I had previously played CS:GO casually, but my friend convinced my to play Planetside and I have not gone back to console every since (keep in mind that I'm probably not old enough to be on this site).

I've never owned a console. I've been gaming on PCs since the time I was 4.

Although, until about the time I was 11 I wouldn't really call it "gaming" in the typical sense. But when I did play games, it was always on PC.

So there isn't a game that got you into gaming or...?

Well, I guess the first game I really started playing a lot of was Star Wars: Battlefront.

Watching people on YouTube have fun on PC playing BF3 compared to how shitty it was on console. Also better quality VOIP options (TeamSpeak) and better options for gameplay recording.

Honestly, Minecraft was what got me hooked on PC gaming was Minecraft back in 2010, and it wasn't until I found TekSyndicate and built my own computer that I found the point of no returning to consoles as my main gaming platform.

The better graphics and performance mainly. I had a weak APU PC that i was playing BF3 on. (at like 1152x768 all low) After playing that and some F2P games i decided i was going to build myself a gaming PC at the turn of the generation. PS4 came out, 1 week later XBone came out, 1 week later i bought my PC.


I got into pc because I saw lefty643 playing battlefield on pc and right then i wanted to switch (Aswell as the  console community turning to shit). Too bad it turns out BF3 is full of problems and i only ended up playing it for a total of like 30 hours or so. 

In college, my roommate had a gaming PC. All I really knew at the time were the off-the-shelf Gaming PCs and mentioned how expensive it must be to game on PC. He told me that he built the PC himself, saved loads of money, and showed me that you could buy AAA titles for 20-40% off on launch day. I was sold.

As soon as I had the money, I built my own. My PS3 is basically just a video/netflix streaming machine now. Haven't picked up the controller in god knows how long.

A lack of interesting game concepts on consoles. The first game I bought on Steam was Audiosurf and still occasionally play it. I was annoyed by all the endless shooters and samey worlds. PC just offers weird game and I love them. I play a lot of generic game but just being able to look up some crazy nad finding someone actually having made a game around it is awesome.

When I was a kid and this was around 1999-2000, we had a pc with Pentium III cpu, 20Gb HDD and 4 MB Vram. It was mostly bought so my brother could do his course work with GIS etc(he was in college). My brothers used to play fifa 98 99, gta 1 and 2 etc. The game that hit me in the head was doom2. After that I used to look around for game CDs, and monthly PC magazines which used to come with a cd of software and demo games. It got so bad that my brother made a separate user account for me and took away my administrator privilege so I could no longer install anything. He made a deal with me that if i could find a game named twisted metal he would allow me to install 3 games of my choice. challenge accepted and after months of searching (this was before ADSL and online downloads) i finally found the cd from a guy at school.

I used to spend hours gaming on that thing. I also had a PSP around 2007, which is the only console i have ever owned.

I think the main reason why I switched over to PC is because my internet would make it impossible to play multiplayer on any type of console. Along with other things like, the indie scene is bigger, having access to a large backlog of games and emulation, modding, and the large amount of sales.

I sold my PS3 as a senior in high school and the only gaming I could do was on my ultrabook at 720p at low settings. I watched a video on IGN on how one of their editors built his own PC for like $1500 dollars to run Crysis 3 and how simple it was so I thought, If that dude can build a high end rig that'll run Crysis for $1500 then I can do it too. After that I did some research and found Logan's different budget build videos and his tutorials and those were a big factor. I'd originally planned to wait for the PS4 since most of my friends were going to but when I saw Newegg's back to school sale last summer I said f**k it I'm building a gaming rig. It also helped that I'd been picking up games during Steam and Humble Bundle sales for months that I couldn't play on my ultrabook. Game sales, better graphics, Skyrim mods, and the ability to upgrade hardware whenever I want are all things that have convinced me that building my rig was the right choice.

It wasn't any game in particular, it was simply getting a PC.  Once I had one, getting games for it seemed like a no brainer.  Especially since nothing like an RTS existed on the consoles, and you could play against your friends using dial up networking.  The keyboard and mouse control set up made certain types of games possible that you really couldn't do when you're limited to a controller, so it opened up a world of totally new types of games.  

Back then, there really wasn't a rivalry between PC and Console gaming, or at least I wasn't aware of one.  I gamed on both, and so did a lot of my friends.

When I was 8 my dad gave me a copy of Command and Conquer which hooked me on strategy games. I still played console up to high school because I didn't know anyone who played on PC

Met a few other kids who were PC gamers and tried Half Life and Quake and they were so different than anything else on console. Then Half life 2 and Steam came and out went consoles.

Specific PC titles like early Total War games. I used console for my choice of FPS games, previously.

man, i've been pc gaming ever since i was 7 playing games on my uncle's commadore 64, fucking loading floppy disc n shit. i remember one of the games was  the incredible hulk adventure game haha.

then when i got my first computer x86, the first thing i did was install simcity 2000. fuck those were the days man, spending all day gaming and just messing with your computer.

I was always aware of PC Gaming, just never took the time to actually build a computer and game on it. I was always fascinated by technology and knew all the basics, Truthfully I Have been Gaming on PC since 2010 If you can Consider "Runescape" A PC Game. but to be more precise I started to Actually play PC Games around 2012 on a laptop whilst also still gaming on consoles as well. I've Gamed on Consoles my Whole Life, I did Play Doom on PC when i was young but i was still ignorant of PC gaming at the time, I started to be more Technologically Aware when i got to high school. however what made me jump were just graphics and overall freedom to customize what i want, something i couldn't get from a console. as of 2013 I considered myself a PC gamer cause it was my primary platform for gaming after i built my computer.

My First PC game was Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines. :)

My parents had a i386 or 486 pc when I was litte, no consoles though. Guess what I played on? Thats what got me in.

I always loved playing games in general, I grew up without a pc and only access to them at school until I was about 10 or so. I really liked playing DOOM and Wolfenstein on my friend's computer, and eventually I got into playing alot of Free to play games like Gunbound, GunZ, and Soldier Front. I heard several times people saying things about CounterStrike until at a local EB Games/Gamestop I found Counter Strike: Source. We had just gotten our first up-to-date PC and it was a budget pre-built HP crapsack, and it could barely run CSS and many of the Free to plays I was playing most of the time. So I got used to playing these games at about 20-30fps. I wanted to play COD4 with my friends who were playing on console and at the time so I picked it up for PC thinking I could play with them from PC, I was 12 I didn't know much at all about PCs other than how to delete Windows and some minor stuff in XP.

From there on I played CSS, the free to plays, and COD4 for about 6 years until I got my first Gaming PC, in my first year of College from a friend for $500. It had an i5 locked Lynnfeild CPU, an Asus P7P55D-E LX mobo, an AMD 5670, 4GB of Ripjaw RAM, and a 500GB Seagate HDD. It felt blazing fast in comparison to any PC I had up to that point.