What gaphics card should I get?

So with the release of the RX 480, I can't decide anymore what graphics card I should get. I always hoped to get a GTX 970 for my new build, but now, I don't know it anymore. I'd rather not spend more than the (€350) GTX 970 though. HELP ME!


i would wait a bit and get a custom RX 480 itll be more expensive then the stock but not by much and itll perform better and be cooler (not thats its not cool)

I'd avoid 970 because its Maxwell, its architecture doesn't scale well with DX12 games, your better off with a 390x at that point which gives the GTX 900 series at run for its money in DX12.

If you plan on ripping the benefits of Vulkan or DX12 in future games, and VR. I think a custom RX 480 is the better buy, if you want green team a GTX 1060. They're newer architecture with tessellation optimizations and viewport angle correction that should come handy for VR.

Do you know anything about a release date or pricing of the GTX 1060? I think my choice will be between a RX480 and a GTX 1060...


The 480 RX (stock) trumps the 970, I wouldn't even hesitate.

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As a 1080p gamer myself, I got a good deal on a lightly used 970 and it hasn't failed to make me happy yet. That was 6+ months ago though, at this point I wouldn't invest in the last generation of GPU's. Either get an RX480, GTX 1070, or just wait out for some more options and price drops.

For the 480s I would wait the two or so weeks for the custom versions. More power, better cooling, possibly better OC potential, and they will look cool.

On nVidia the 1060 would be the one to wait for there. I know there is a link with more info above but I have not looked at it yet. It would want to be hitting the 250 mark for price and 970 performance to be any way worth it in the face of the 480. Unless you like the gimpwork and VR stuff nVidia do, that would make up the difference if they are worth it for you.

What is a gaphics card?

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An endless blackhole of entertainment and money.

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