What gaming peripherals/peripheral companies explicitly work/advertise working on linux?

Trying to go linux as much as I can in my life, including gaming which with proton and lutris aint too hard. But im trying to also mostly just buy(from here on out anyway) peripherals that explicitly support linux or, if I cant find one I like that does, at the very least ones that dont go out of their way to stop it.


unicomp keyboards work out of the box on linux and they also sell linux key caps for those that want to not have windows keys but instead linux keys. And 8bitdo advertize retropi(linux) support for their gaming controllers.

And nixeus mice software may not natively run on linux, or at least last time I looked, but (if you are ok with 1600DPI) if you plug it into the pc it’ll work fine regardless of os and wont be like choppy or anything.

and headphones with just an analog 3.5mm jack on them dont even know what an OS is.

I guess Ideally i’d like to be able to buy all my peripherals from companies like unicomp and 8bitdo but would settle for those like nixeus or ones who’s stuff doesnt know what an OS is. I’m just not entirely sure what all there is out there as of yet.

I am running mostly Corsair keyboards and Razer mice. Those can store one color profile in the device itself for the LEDs. So worst case is: have some trash box or vm, install windows, install that crap software stuff, set the color the way you like it, save that profile to the device, never think about it again.

My Razer Mamba Tournament Edition as well as a couple other mice have on the fly dpi switching. That stuff just works even without software.

I use PS4 controllers for game pads and I hate headsets, I am running mic (like rode podcaster) plus headphones. Any USB DAC should work as long as it respects USB-audio spec. Same goes for USB mic.

Companies directly supporting linux… I think Roccat does that but I don’t like their stuff.

Keyboards and mice use the USB HID driver on every operating system, and are fully supported under Linux. If there are exceptions to that, it’s easier to make a list of the exceptions.

Logitech webcams “just work” under Linux. Wireless Logitech keyboards have functional battery monitoring, too.

There are drivers for the PlayStation line of controllers, Wiimotes via Bluetooth, and Xbox controllers using xboxdrv (this will usually have to be installed manually, but is present in most major distro repos). SteamOS is Linux, so Valve’s Steam Controllers (RIP) are also fully supported.

Audio devices work surprisingly well, too. Most DACs and USB microphones I’ve tested Just Work, though advertised features sometimes depend on software that doesn’t have Linux versions. For mics with multiple selectable pickup patterns, physical toggles switches are preferred, since you don’t need software to switch modes.

Linux supports DisplayPort and HDMI, including HDCP, so monitors are a non-issue.

Not quite, freesync/gsync support is behind a little on linux, I think freesync support just got added this year. Also, HDR and high DPI, not sure what the latest is, although it depends on desktop environment.

Logitech gaming mice have worked for a long time, but button/light configuration is newer. https://github.com/libratbag/piper

I think peripheral WORKING in linux, I think 0 hassle.

I COULD say a steam or xbox or playstation controller, ut those need whole driwer stacks installed first l, with the result being too confusing to know if it worked or not if you’re inexperienced.

Atm I can say Razer stuff works, minus sniper key and whatever. If you burn in your macros and senlttings, dun matter.

Logitech stuff also works, but agait, otly if you set it once and never need the windows app again.

Elecom stuff, however, DOES work. 100% even apps.

Piper works for g502 hero but headset g433 has one issue not showing “7.1” output/ cant disable “hearing myself [monitor] of mic”/probably due noise canceling thing not being implemented.

Steam controller has a kernel driver. It is actually better supported than windows because it is not tied to the steam application like it is on windows.

I never installed anything for my PS4 controller. Pair up with bluetooth, done.

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