What games to play or not play?

OK guy whats i have a question?

what games to play and what to just fuck it and never play?

because i have these following games an they sit there collecting dust for months

i have

1)assassins creed i installed and started playing i felit it was to console-y but im planning on playing it

2)rainbow 6 vegas too didnt even install it still wrapped in box

3)timeshift same didnt even open it yet

5) crysis warhead i bought it when it came out with crysis and i want to finish crysis first but never get a chance how crysis wars online?

so i might get dead space tommorow and far cry 2 and fallout 3 which should i buy and which not because i have so many games i havent even played yet and im going to run out of hdd space lol

Of those choices, I have played and completed two: RB6V2 and Crysis: Warhead. I have played Assassins Creed on XBOX 360, not on PC though. I would definitely recommend playing Crysis Warhead if you enjoyed Crysis. Its just as fun as Crysis, but a lot shorter. RB6V2 was an OK game. It got kinda boring to me after a while. I have never played Timeshift.

finish your games first dude and where the hell are you getting all this money for these games i'm in debt 200 dollars

lol i know people that can fly lol no i have a job fixing stupid peoples dells like how to find there recycle bin cause they deleted it -_- they pay me moneyyyy muhahahahaha i live in a private community with like 500 to 1000 homes and like people need computer help so i fix there stuff on there shitty baegie boxes lol

I hated Crysis the notion of shooting to clips into a guy made me run invisible from mission to mission.

I love:

Cod 5 BETA!!

Company of Heroes


World in Conflict

Supreme Commander

Team Fortes 2

World of Goo(short term)

yah crysis didnt live up to my expectation yah its pretty but a fucking clip to kill 2 guys you have to shoot people way too fucking much its still a good game though i basically went on maximum speed or maximum strength sofar through the game at the point im in

thats a dumb question. you bought the games. play them. beat them.

all of them.

when ur done, the games that came out this week will be cheaper. then buy them. play them. and beat them.

fallout 3 looks awesome and is highly rated. dead space is great but really is more of a console game. it just sadly feels better with a controller. far cry 2 is cool but i like dead space more, possibly because a good survival horror games is less common than a fps.

company heroes is the best rts (real time strategy) i have ever played

not much into rts

im gunna dump rainbow g veags 2 and time shift i saw videos it looks like a hl2 ripoff

gunna go finish crysis and warhead and get fallout 3 and leave assassins creed unplayed when i get to it and far cry 2 not in the mood of fps and dead space i hard its very console-y

rainbow vegas two lol i have th for me 360

i dont have any console besides wii lol it collects dust this makes up for the ammount of games i have lol

get doom 95, thats were all the action is @

I like pie.

GET GTA4 when it comes out in november

Crysis wars is epic.