What games should I get?

Hi guys,

Still struggling to choose a new game, I have about £33 and I'm not sure which of the following games I should get:

-Counter Strike global Offensive (£6.12)

-Garry's Mod (£4.66)

-Skyrim (£12.77)

-Space engineers (£8.70)

-Just Cause 2 (£3.61)

-Rust (£8.92)

-Half-Life 2 (£4.12)

-Portal 1 and 2 (£5.35)

Any other recommendations are appreciated.



Id say wait out for the steam summer sale and pick up the valve complete pack. Its all of valves games and last year I picked it up for $25. Its of hell of a deal and then pick up Gmod during the summer sale for dirt cheap too.

Definitely check out Fallout New Vegas. The Bioshock games keep getting put into bundles for like $30 and I really like those. I am also waiting for the summer sale before I buy any games. 

Portal 1 & 2 for just over a fiver is a very good deal. If you've never played them I'd highly recommend them. Skyrim is a no-brainer. You have to own this game else you may as well, just like, stop living. I recently picked up CS:GO too, which is pretty fun, but online you'll get your arse handed to you if you've never played it before. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die is on sale right now for about £6.30, but uses shitty Games for Windows Live which is a bit annoying. Fantastic game though.

I would wait for the summer sale, but I'm on holiday for most of the summer break. So I want to buy some games now.

many a soul have lost their lives to counter-strike and garrys mod, both are good options for something long term

also, buy both portals, just do it

dust is the daily deal today, it's an amazing action platformer/brawler if you're into that

can't think of anything else i'd recommend that's cheap right now