What Games or game Would You Like to Be Ported onto the PC?

The Uncharted series would be pretty nice. Not all of them were on pc
but to be honest I don't find most games on consoles to be all that attractive


Babylon 5. A decade ago someone tried to make it independently.
A Firefly mod of CSGO

Destiny would have made a perfect pc game.

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Edit: @Spacejamflam knows what's up.


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Destroy all Humans

Such a good game


All games that emulators suck at (So every original xbox game yewww)

Maybe some of the sony exclusives not ported but completely remade from the ground up for PC like Uncharted and God of War. [wishful thanking] haven't owned a sony console since ps2.

Didn't know any of them were on pc but I guess I don't need to ask that they were mediocre at best ports.

I thought it was pretty decent... much better than 3 imo. Although I never played the original Fable so I can't compare it to that.

I would like to see Goldeneye 64. With keyboard and mouse support, crosshair, FOV slider, and of course high frame-rate. Pipe-dream, I know.

There is 'Goldeneye Source' for the PC. However it does not include the single-player campaign. It is also quite different from vanilla.

I never owned a console so I couldn't play it. I did like watching gameplays of it though.

Timesplitters 2. I poured so many hours into that game and I imagine it would be mental on PC.

Forza. I know the new one is going to be on the Windows store but knowing Microsoft they will probably gimp it in some way.

Real fixed up working ports of the original Resident Evils, the actual originals not Remake and Zero. Timesplitters series as mentioned above, my god with todays online that would be crazy fun to play, the original Halos, even though they're out there but it'd be nice to have an easy access up-to-date working versions of them. And hmm... N64 Perfect Dark? I looooved that.

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Crash Bandicoot series
Jak and Daxter series
Ratchet and Clank series
Sly Cooper series
Onimusha series
inFamous series
Metroid series (and the Prime titles with proper fps controls)
Fable 2
Lost Odyssey (!!!)

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Shadow of the Colossus

I would like something like that with out of the box all configured with steam controller support : NeoGeo, Konami, Midway Sega, arcade & Pinball ROM set on Linux of course.

150 games should suffice for 70 $,£,€

I been playing on consoles a lot until early 2012 when I had a laptop that was powerful enough to play something.

I don't know I played Fable when I was younger and I got to play the third one but I Never got to play the second.