What Games or game Would You Like to Be Ported onto the PC?

I would like to see X-Men Legends make move to the PC and maybe a remastered version because I remember playing it on the OG Xbox as a kid and having so much fun. Plus, it would make a great multiplayer game lol Better than The Division LMAO

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Far Enough lol

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I wish Nintendo would get a freaking clue from Pokemon Go's success, drop the consoles, drop all of its shitty hardware manufacturing, port all its handheld titles to Android/iOS, and all of its home console games to PC, with 4K textures and all the filters you could possibly want. They would instantly make a mint overnight, and they'd easily be rolling in twice as much dough as they currently are.


That is so true lol start a petition.

I would, but the problem is that Nintendo will never do it. They're the Apple Computers of the console market.

And Dolphin 5.0 is probably the most solid emulator ever made, with support for DX12 emulation. Gives AMD cards a massive performance boost. There are emulators for Nintendo games all over the place. I just wish Nintendo were more open to doing it themselves, because they could do a much better job.

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Mainly PS1 era rpgs like Chrono Cross, Saga Frontier, Legend of Dragoon.

Also, I was pretty miffed that Fable 2 was not released for PC, so I never played that one (was it any good?).

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Only halo I've played is the good ol' halo 1 at lan parties, but I enjoyed the campaign so much back in the day. I must've replayed halo1 campaign 20 times.
(I even beat it on legendary)

I would pay $10 to play the rest of the halo campaigns.

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red dead redemption


I'd like to be able to play “The Last Of Us“


The Uncharted series would be pretty nice in 120Hz ultrawide I guess.
I miss Gran Turismo but I mean one of the good ones. A-Spec was incredible on the PS2.

But to be honest I don't really miss much. And I am limiting myself to linux games and I still have more games than I can play.


The Warriors

The first Mercenaries game.


I think they shouldn't get rid of their hardware division though. They would alienate their fans if they just said "Go get a pc", so they should develop steam machines. And then also work with valve for things like steam controllers and VR controllers.

Miyazaki-san could give Bloodborne the DS3 treatment. that was a good port, that would be a treat


Skate 3

I don't think Tony Hawk's series was or looked as good as Skate 3.


EA NHL with Steam's multiplayer engine!

Well, God Eater is finally getting PC release. May be Monster Hunter will follow soon. I hope.
I would like Patapon series, but that is Sony...
God of war, but that is Sony again...

I use to play that game a lot. If only my disc still worked....

Kingdom Under Fire Heros/Crusaders, it's currently only playable on the OG Xbox and crusaders has a game breaking bug that makes it freeze when you open the mini map, not sure if a 128gb RAM mod would help

There does exist a Kingdom Under Fire 2, but it's just another korean MMO