What games have you gotten working in WINE?

Windows is being spooky and shit blah blah blah whinge whine moan who gives a shit.

What games do YOU play in WINE in linux?

I've gotten Skyrim and League of legends but I would love to have as much as possible of what I play in linux (IE all the hitman and deus ex games, battlefeild 3 (won't be possible till release 2.0), and honestly I dunno what else. All I know is I want my system my way and sadly enough I can't do shit about it ATM.

Also if anyone knows how to get undertale running in WINE, of all fucking things, let me know. I will be your bitch for years.


I've gotten a couple of the early Assassin's Creeds to work... Haven't tried much, honestly.

...how many years exactly?

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It's rumoured that starcarft 2 runs well in wine

What I'm playing right now: grim dawn.

Most games work fine in wine, you need to tinker with them a bit though.

Rome Total War, it works but there is an issue where all of the units are invisible. Only there shadows are seen.

Modern Warfare 2, works but I can not get online matches to work.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II, works but sometimes I get an audio fall out. Sometimes I can hear no music or sounds for up to 30 minutes.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

There were other issues with the games I had. But they were solved by either reading posts on the wine site under the comments section or by asking youtubers what they did to get the game to work. Some youtubers that helped me in the past were Xpander69, Penguin Recordings and Jakejw93.

One trick that I learned from some blog online, is that instead of putting in each disk, if you have a mutidisk install, just copy all of the content of the disk into folders and then point the installer to the folder. This fixed some things, like wine saying that some file or folder or something was missing or if something inside the game was missing.

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Thats generally what you should do yeah x3

Ohhh. Well in that case I will not tell you how long it took for me to find that information out. It took me a while tbh. (like years and years)

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I had blizzard games working on WINE without too much trouble

Once Wine supports DX11 properly, I will try to get GTA V working in wine.
Oh and Aremis, please tell me you got some kind of a modloader working for Skyrim. If you did and you're willing to teach me, I will be YOUR bitch for years to come

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Well actually just fiddling with one or two packages in wine you can load them from steam no problem.

Well I only have limited experience with wine. I tried getting NMM to work but it didn't work (I also heard that it's like impossible to run it under wine) which is kind of frustrating because I really want to play Skyrim under Linux with nexus mods. It seriously surprises me though that no one has tried porting it to Linux, I mean it is free software (GPLv3 I think). But I'll probably have to wait until I have fixed my Gentoo problems or I'm back on my beloved home territory (arch linux)

Question: Considering how close DX12 is to Vulcan and all that jazz, shouldn't we theoretically have an easier time using it in WINE then once the ball gets rolling?

Probably not as DX12 is closed source and the two are not binary compatible AFAIK. Though if more windows games start supporting vulkan it should be easier to port them to linux

Not exactly. Part of it has to do between how vulcan would talk to DX12 and then work wwith wine, then talk between wine, the windows app, and linux packages