What games can my new gaming rig run and how can i improve it in the future?

This is my first ever pc build, I'll take any advice. (I bought most of the Components already)


im thinking about returning the Video card I got for this HD7770-2GD5 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121642

its super cheep on amazon...would it be an improvement?

Update: Thx for the help I'll be sure to upgrade the mb and in the future, u guys were a huge help :)

You arent going to be running any AAA title games at 1080p @ 60fps, but if you lower some settings and play around with them, you should be fine. Everything looks good here, but I am curious as to your case choice.

Since you've gone AMD, you could upgrade to a more powerful CPU in the future, if you wish. But the only thing I see here that you may want to upgrade(in the future) is the GPU and your main storage solution.

@viajce thx for telling me what it can handle, I chose that case just because it looks cool to be honest. And what GPU should I get in the future?

I'd estimate medium settings for most games.

Motherboard is kind of old and cheapy. The rest of the build looks decent.

No problem man. As far as GPU upgrades go, most definitely a 970. However, if you haven't purchased the 750ti yet, you could consider a 760 to get right now as it is more powerful.

760s are hard to get nowadays now that the 960 is out.

  • uber low end board - be sure to keep receipts
  • matx board in an atx case - no compatibility issues but yeah the looks...
  • 750ti will be limited to low - @ best medium gaming (no aa) - current AAA titles @ <=1080p. fps wont be all that great for upcoming games.
    ----to improve in the future---:
  • decent gpu, ssd, better motherboard.
  • That is true. But if one can be found, then it should be highly considered

    Just found a bunch of 760s on EBay going for around 100-150. They definitely look worth checking out.

    I see what you mean about the matx in the atx case, I'll upgrade that in the future, what motherboard should I get (that's wont cost me an arm and a leg)

    what is the full name of the GPU (sorry im new to this)

    Well the full name is the GTX 760. That's all you really have to look up on eBay to see the ones I was talking about

    There is only one choice. GA-990FXA-UD3 with promo MBL150422 (I think that ends today).

    most things on medium or going down a res scale will help for performance, you shouldn't run anything but next gen AAAs under 30fps

    With that MSI mobo (MSI 760GMA-P34) and a tower cpu cooler you can enjoy a nice house fire....

    lol, what do u mean (im new to all of this @Cooperman)

    Really old and shitty motherboard, basically. Not meant for FX series chip set.

    There might have been better GPU's for the price

    I almost forgot to rant about that shitty motherboard. The cheapest of the 970's amd motherboards is a better purchase. That motherboard will boot and basically work but thats it. The mb is a terrible bottleneck from the start.

    would it actually catch fire or brake easily because of that?