What games can I play, and should I play on my laptop?


OK......my Macbook caught on fire last night, so I had to run out and buy a cheap Windows laptop to tide me over (windows 8 is making me so unhappy :( ).

As it's windows I thought I should stick a couple of games on it, so thought Id ask you guys what games can I play, and should I play on my laptop?

i5 3210M @ 2.50Ghz


Intel HD 4000

NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M

Like story heavy games that don't require much dexterity (tracker-pad is i bit rubbish) so what the new gen Money Island?


Starcraft 2! Get a mouse though... You won't be getting to MLG with trackpad ;)

Get Dragon Age: Origins if you haven't played it. It's perfectly playable on a touch pad (you can pause the game at any time with the space bar to give commands) and has a fantastic story.

Will run very nicely on that machine as well.


Minecraft. MINECRAFT.

I had minecraft on my macbook for a weekend.......had to take it off as I got NO work done, so think I will avoid that time sponge on the laptop.

You will definitly need a mouse for this but Ace of Spades is a really fun cross between minecraft and tf2. It doesn't require an uber powerful computer to run it too.