What games actually crash from too many CPU cores?

So i read it often enough now that there are games that just can’t handle too many cores and crash, and with more cores in the mainstream and high-end CPU segment I kinda want to know why that even happens.

So which games are there that actually do that?

I haven’t encountered one yet and nobody seems to mention or talk about which games crash or don’t run at all on a CPU with say for example 12+ cores?

I’ve never read this. Where are you reading about it often? Aren’t the games mentioned in whatever you are reading?

The downside to huge core counts comes from resource management. Intel and AMD both play tricks with how memory, pci lanes, etc are connected to the cores, and it’s usually a determent to apps that are single threaded or low thread count (like games.) Game is using cores on one chiplet, but the memory is connected to cores on another chiplet (for AMD, in the case of Intel it’s a little different), this can cause high latency.

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That sounds like some Intel FUD if I’ve ever heard it.


I know games that don’t run on newer windows (which is why I have a Vista-Box). Never had anything crash from too many cores.


It was mostly on posts that recommend lower core CPUs because of games, I read that here and there , rarerly, sometimes when someone was asking for a CPU recommendation and the ppl that are asking are then asking if the HEDT platform is for them because it’s “future proofing” because of more cores.
And the arugument I read there most of the time is that games don’t use more than x cores and when there are too many they may even crash or not work at all.
From the one time I remember enough about it was in relation to some CoD title iirc.

I was always like: Ok there are actually games so badly programmed that they crash if x cores are exceeded?
Hence it’s more or less just a sanity check for me.

Definitely Intel propaganda. They’re just jelly.


IIRC GN benchmarked a lot of CPUs on their respective release with SMT/HT on and off. Can’t remember the results.

In general not because the architectures to shovel tons of data are not fast.
As in: A Sports car is fast, unless you need to move tons of sand.

There is still an OS with a scheduler in place to keep that in check.

I’ve heard this too. What I remember was reading about some game that used a task queue and threw in tasks 1 … 27 (for example) but unknown to the game developers task 15 relied on task 7 finishing first (numbers made up).

Therefore when using thread counts that ran too many tasks in parallel it would sometimes corrupt the data if it ever finished task 15 before 7.

I don’t remember the game exactly, but I’m pretty sure it got patched.

Ahmmmm idk… maybe Doom1?

Jokes aside, i also heard about crashing games sometimes.
But i kinda doubt that it was actually related to cpu cores.
I mean broken gpu drivers or broken windows updates,
are more often a root cause of a game crashing i think.

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My guess is it’s not really a thing any more than any other terrible software thing you might have heard of recently. There’s always going to be more ways to make a big complicated thing awkward and terrible than there are ways to make it good, but that’s not really a gaming thing, or even a software thing in general.

I can tell ya, Microsoft Simulator 2020 has no issues with a 3950x, 32GB of ram, a Nvidia 2080 Ti at Ultimate settings. 40-60 fps. heh.

Here’s the link to the video in case you missed it:

holy shit, really?

Is flight sim that difficult to run?

Might have to get this game, for benchmarking purposes.

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Have you not seen the recommended/ideal specs for it? Its a little insane.

I’ve never heard of that, but I know that games that don’t take into account high core count CPUs can struggle to run well because the workload keeps bouncing around from core to core and all this context switching results into an significant loss in performance.

They did, iirc the answer was: it depends

Hey I’m not alone, yay!

Of course those are the more likely culprits yet it seemed like the few that did say that the core count was the problem experienced it themselfs and had to disable cores for certain games, at least that is how I remember it.

I agree but there are enough games nowadays that are horribly unoptimized.

Yea… it should have no problems.

That is probably the case for why many ppl don’t recommend high core count CPUs due to most (older) games not being optimized or strictly not being programmed for more than one core.

Only games I’m aware with this problem is Lost Planet and Silent Hill 2.

Oh that’s interesting I haven’t tried Lost Planet since my upgrade.

Correction, its Lost Planet 2 retail release I guess, pcgw states it doesn’t work on systems with 6 threads or higher but the steam version probably works fine.

Dang, don’t have that, only the Steam version.

The 2 that I’ve had issues with since I got a 5950X are Stanley Parable and Tomb Raider Underworld.

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