What game made you realize that Video Games can be a form of art?

Assuming you think video games are a form of art, what was the first video game that you played that made you realize that? This is to all of the Tek Syndicate members.

Metal Gear Solid.

It had a narrative, an aesthetic and the gameplay that was all in harmony. You weren't listening to a story while collecting gold coins or points, rather the actual game play was integral to the narrative and there was great thought put into the drama and emotional engagement.

In reality though, video games haven't even scratched the surface of "art", despite relying on visual art, music and such. It's early days. Maybe if indie game developers move away from hispter/fetishised pixel art and other gimmicks and try to make engaging stories then we'll have the kind of engagement and "art" that we see in film and other mediums.


The story is the best of all the GTAs, like it has meaning and it's not over the top. It makes you connect with the characters a lot with the cutscenes n stuff.


This cut scene is a good emotional example: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3V963_XXICc

Final Fantasy III (VI for japan) the great story mixed with soundtrack showed me that games could be more.

Sim City 3000; the city department's advisers were kooky to say the least. The most impact on me though was the flexibility the game offered to import cities you had previously created in Sim City 2000 and witness how they'd look in 3000.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is art in my opinion.

Probably Planescape: Torment and Baldur's Gate 2. Both had an amazing story (especially Torment) that I could immerse myself in and interact with in a way that was not possible with other mediums before (carefuly crafted BG 2 romances and character quests etc.). That was at the begining of my gaming jurney. More recent examples would be Bastion, Transistor, Element4l, Limbo and Telltale Games recent creations (because they are basically interactive movies).

I really need to play MGS. MGSV got me hooked up. Guess I will emulate the games then (although MGS4 is on PS3).

Vampire: the masquerade, Buldur's Gate 2. Rainbow Six (1998-99), first game I played where I could control NPC's. Spent ALOT of hours on that game. Half-Life brought my anger to an new level as a teen. Soo bad wanted to puch my Compaq monitor. Wonderful game that I sucked hard at.

MGS1 and Final fantasy 8. Mgs1 has great story telling that integrates well with the game play. Final Fantasy 8 showed me that a game can be more than well timed button presses and epic boss fights, it can be a story you remember years after the last time you played it.


Prince of Persia and God of War


I have two

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Persona Series as a Whole.

Well when you are a child, you just play the games for fun but as you get older, you start to appreciate them a lot more.

Haven't played the Persona series. What is it like?

Mine would have to be the first Bioshock. The only game that made me start to pay attention to the way the level design can have a lot of character. The mood/lighting/music all worked together flawlessly along with the character voices.