What game in your steam library have you spent the most time on?

It's that time again where I get really bored and ask you guys a question, I guess

On steam that would be Dragon age Origins.

But most of my library is on GOG.com

In general most hours i have spent on Guild Wars 2

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Skyrim hands down for me.

Skyrim definitely.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Age of Empires II :P

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Civilization 5 sits at the top of my list - 350 hours.

After that is Skyrim and Dragon Age: Origins at ~170 hours.

I relatively new to pc gaming master race, but GTA V is mine on 599 hours

Skyrim. Just under six hundred hours.

Haven't had a Steam account that long but of the titles in the library probably played Fallout 3 for the most hours, I just finished Half-Life 2 and was surprised how quickly it finished up....but like @turin231 my all time high hourly usage is GW2 at over 3k hours and counting...lol


Because of my wife Sims 3 at 355 hours.

Civ 5 at 280 hours for me.

Don't game nearly as much as when I was a kid.

I would say you earned your stripes.

Steam: Ghost Recon - 87 hours

Origin: Battlefield 4 - 667 hours Followed by BF3 - 586 hours

Shit man... gg wp

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On Steam: Borderlands 2 with 250+ probably over 300.

But the most played game I own is Burnout Paradise on the PS3 with over 2000 hours.

LOL...MMO's are easy to rack up the hours, the best part most of that time I wasn't AFK like a lot of folks, but I'm a goal orientated player so hang a carrot in front of my toon and I'll got for it unless it's jumping puzzles which I hate, but GW2 has had good content for a MMO, not the best but a good ROI based on the cost of the game.

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Poor you ;_;

Thank you! can I now be classed as a member? lol

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In Steam my highest is FTL: Faster Than Light at 87 hours, but I know I've got way more than that in Hearthstone. I've also sunk a lot of hours into various Xbox 360 games before I saw the light and switched to PC.

Planetside 2 - 614 hours

900 hours and counting on Killing Floor and around 800 on Diablo 3.