What game are you looking forward to this year?

What games are you guys looking forward to?

For me it would have to be...

Battlefield Bad Company 2


Modern Warefare 2

I will be buying them both for the online awesomeness.

battlefield [b]1943[/b]


FABLE 2 (fingers crossed)




bf3, crysis 2, call of duty 4 modernwarfare 2

mw2 & anything to do with fallout

lol so many peeps looking forward to sequels :D

None. I don't get hyped for games any more. Everything I've ever been hyped for has been shitty or mediocre


Starwars: Force Unleashed

Last Remnant

STALKER: Clear Sky

Call of Duty: World at War

i'm lookin foward to operation flashpoint 2 and also modern warfare 2

moder warfare 2

call of juarez 2

Cryengine 3

Gota be Modern Warfare 2, also looking forward to Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising in May and Red Faction: Geurilla in june

Operation flash point 2


Star wars battlefront 3 if it's coming out this year

Playing more EVE online

And i know this isn't a game but i cant wait for the new Star Trek movie.

Cod MW2 and MU online season 4 xDD


Those battlefield games are purely just for getting quick money... Grrrr


Mmm, Im looking forward to;

Assassins creed 2

Modern warfare 2

The Secret World

And uhhhh.. dunno

Starcraft II

Diablo III

Operation Flashpoint 2

Battlefield Heroes

Im looking forward to:
Modern Warfare 2
Alan Wake (if its gona be released this year...)
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Bad Company 2
Bioshock 2
thats about it...:P might be more...

I'm hoping that new starwars MMO gets released this year. Doubt it though.


Borderlands. It's one of my dream games I've had in my head for years, and now they're finally making it. I don't like having just three characters to choose from, instead of being able to customize yourself... But it makes up for that in GUNS.